St. Gabriel School

      3150 Windsor Park Rd

      (306) 791-1717
      Principal: Anne Lutz
      Vice-Principal: Larry Fuchs


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 School Vision Statement (What we want our school to be)
“Live, Learn, Laugh and Pray”

These efforts will make St. Gabriel School a warm and inviting place to learn.  Living by these guidelines will ensure that we live according to our Catholic values and become compassionate witnesses for Jesus Christ.

School Mission Statement (Core beliefs and values)

“St. Gabriel School is dedicated to continuing the mission of the Regina Catholic School Division and Resurrection Parish to guide and inform all students in Christian values and tradition in an environment that fosters student learning and promotes student excellence.

2016-2017 Bell Schedule
9:00 AM 10:40 AM Class Time
10:40 AM 10:55 AM Recess
10:55 AM 11:55 AM Class Time
11:55 AM 12:40 PM Lunch Time
  (11:55-12:25 lunch / 12:25-12:40 recess)
12:40 PM 2:20 PM Class Time
2:20 PM 2:35 PM Recess
2:35 PM 3:35 Class Time

Student Absences 
Thank you for contacting Ms. Ripplinger either by phone or email to advise of your child’s absence, doctor/dental appointments, late arrivals or early departures from school including holiday schedules. 
If you email the classroom teacher regarding a student absence please cc Ms. Ripplinger at or call the office at 306-791-1717.  “Why?” Teachers often do not have time to read email in the morning, prep  teachers and substitute teachers take daily attendance as well and do not have access to the classroom teacher’s email.
Regina Catholic Schools is asking families respect instructional days at school when planning vacations and other activities that would require students to be away from school.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Please ensure that you have registered to the transportation parent portal.  Throughout the school year as route times will change as students are added and removed) you will also receive emails throughout the school year when buses will be delayed due to mechanical, driver, traffic of weather, if you subscribe to the email portion.

The website is and at Regina Catholic School Division website   where you will find the instructions on how to navigate the parent portal.

If you experience difficulties logging in please email your child’s Student ID, birthdate, school and grade to for assistance. If you do not know the student ID, or other information please email what you do know and we can work with you to get your student(s) set up. You can also reach the Transportation Officer Eléna Chase at 306-791-7214.