St. Jerome School

      770 Rink Ave

      (306) 791-7345
      Principal: James Wahl
      Vice Principal: Jaylene Brass


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Welcome to St. Jerome School


We believe that each student is unique and a child of God. That everyone has the right to learn in a diversified environment surrounded by love and trust.

Our motto: We Love, Laugh, Learn and Pray.


Principal's Message:

Welcome to St. Jerome School. We are proud to offering a diversified learning environment grounded in Catholic Values to the children in the Sherwood Estates Subdivision. Our motto is to: Love, Laugh, Learn and Pray. With a strong focus on acquiring academics designed to meet the needs of each individual students, we attempt to provide an atmosphere where all can be accepted as a child of God. We attempt to teach as Jesus did in an atmosphere of love, prayer and friendship.


James Wahl, Principal