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St. Joan of Arc

Season’s Greetings!

December 18th marked the last Sunday of Advent.  The Advent wreath symbolizes the four themes of hope, peace, love and joy.  As a child, I attended one of our very own Regina Catholic Schools, and I will always remember the weekly lighting of the candles leading up to Christmas.  This is a good reminder for students and adults alike, that Christmas is not just a holiday.  It is about preparation, prayer, and how we treat those around us.

Our Advent Concert was held on Wednesday, December 14th at Holy Trinity Parish.  The performance was beautifully coordinated by our teachers, and our students did not disappoint!  Without question, one of the most precious parts of the Advent season is spending time with our family and friends.  We would like to extend a sincere thank you to Father Ron Andre and Val Magnuson for inviting us to use the Holy Trinity Parish for this event.

The New Year is often a time of change, and as we look toward January, we say goodbye to two of our staff member and four valued University of Regina field placement students (interns).  Cameron Chomyn, Charis Slusar, Natasha Knobel and Alisha Kanji have made strong contributions to our school community, and are promising beginning teachers with many unique gifts to share.  In addition, our EAL teacher, Rosanne McCall, is needed at the Newcomer Welcome Centre and Riffel High School for a year to accommodate for a maternity leave.  Ms. McCall is known for her exceptional work ethic, patience and care, so it is no surprise that she was chosen for such a specialized role.  With her departure, we welcome Ms. Cathy Dorn to our team.  Lastly, Yvonne Sirdar is heading to St. Matthew School to begin her new assignment as vice-principal.  Ms. Sirdar will be deeply missed by our community, as she truly personifies what it means to be a disciple.  She is known for her humility, intellect and kind heart.  Given her exemplary leadership, we know that she will continue to do great things in her career.  James Kleisinger has been assigned to the grade 5/6 classroom upon our return in January.  The staff and students at St. Joan are thankful for the time that we had with these wonderful people.

As we head into the Christmas season, it is my hope that you will enjoy time together as a family.  Some of my most cherished holiday traditions are:

Complete a 1000 piece winter puzzle as a family.  Okay…in all honesty, this year we bought a 500 piece puzzle, and had far more success!  A fun tip for parents…when there are only about fifty pieces left, hide one.  You can get a lot of free chores done in return for that piece J

Bake or cook together.  The other day my grade four daughter was cooking and I noticed that she was using the Canadian Food Guide to ensure that she “had all of the food groups”.  Being the good father that I am, I proceeded to make fun of Claire for her diligence!  Whatever the case, her health teacher is certainly doing his job!  See, teachers do make a difference!

Make a Christmas craft.  In our house, we like to make ice candles over the holidays (look it up, they’re pretty neat!).  The best thing about crafting is the time spent together.

Watch your favorite Christmas show as a family.  Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph, Garfield’s Christmas, Charlie Brown, the Griswold’s…all classics!

“The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree:  the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.”
― Burton Hills


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