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      Principal: Matt Brown
      Vice Principal: Tina Vollet
      Office Manager: Phyllis Schneider


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St. Joan of Arc

February Message

As we enter the month of February, we want to offer sincere gratitude to our St. Joan of Arc families for continuously demonstrating their commitment to their child(ren)’s education in all aspects of school life: Faith, academics, social development.  The more we work as a team, the more successful we are at developing Disciples who become successful in life!

January was a busy month, filled with quality instructional time, because our students return to school prepared to learn.  Our older students have been extending their learning to include winter sports, such as curling and cross country skiing!  Basketball and Events Improv seasons are well underway, and students who are involved in these activities have been busy practicing and playing.  Thank you to our coaches, Mrs. Hart and Ms. Nelson for girls’ basketball; Ms. Senger and Ms. Slonski for boys’ basketball, and Mr. Molleken for co-coaching Events Improv with Mrs. Vollet.

Since the beginning of the year, with the help of our amazing CSCC, we have worked to provide classrooms with alternative seating/learning options.  For example, our classrooms now contain some or all of the following: exercise balls, Hokki/mushroom stools, stand-up desks, bean bag chairs, and stationary bikes with desk trays.  Teachers have been working hard with students to teach and practice appropriate use in their classrooms, which has been a very successful experience.  You will often see students choosing an alternative space when they recognize their need for a slightly different learning space.  Teaching students to recognize their learning needs will help them to be more successful learners.  We’d like to send out a big THANK YOU to our St. Joan of Arc CSCC for assisting us in achieving this goal.

We would like to ask for your cooperation for the safety of our students.  First, we have noticed that many of our students have been coming to school without mittens or toques.  Additionally, some of our students are only wearing the thin mini-mitts that do not give much protection.  Please ensure your child is bringing to school clothing that will keep them warm during our very cold winter weather.  Second, we ask that parents do not park behind staff near the front doors of the school.  Parking behind staff blocks the sidewalk and makes it even more dangerous for students to pass by safely.  We have had several complaints of this happening and caution that a parking officer may be sent to issue tickets.

The virtue of the month of February is Love.  Ms. Parisien’s Grade 4 class will lead us in learning more about Love.  They will share their prayers about how we can demonstrate our love for all others, including those who we are in conflict with, as well as those who are sometimes difficult to love.  For the month of February, we challenge our students and families to recognize someone in the school community to love; someone who is not a close friend, or even a classmate.  Rather, choose someone who you have either had conflict with, or someone that you can tell needs some kindness and compassion.  God Bless!

Tina Vollet



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