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Registrations for 2017-2018 school year and Summer Program courses are now being accepted.  RCSD students can register by visiting their school guidance department.  Out of division students can register by completing an online registration form.  For more information about our program, please contact

Summer Program Information


What is Learning Online?

Learning Online is an opportunity for students from Regina Catholic High Schools, or from any high school across the province, to study courses online with the help of a qualified teacher. This innovative learning experience provides students with a convenient way to participate in courses that may not otherwise be available to them.

Unlike a traditional high school class, students login to their courses, access their lessons, and consult with their teacher whenever it is convenient for them. However, students must adhere to the academic standards of the Regina Catholic School Division. Units of study have completion targets set out in the course outline.

Who can take online courses?

Students who enroll in the online program are typically looking to add an additional credit to their course load or are interested in courses not available to them in their current high school schedule.

What makes us different?

The Regina Catholic School Division's approach to online learning differs from many traditional correspondence courses because of the presence of a strong relationship and consistent interaction between the student and the online teacher.  Learning Online provides a quality Catholic education that is faith-based, student-centered, and results oriented.  


I am a grade twelve student and recently completed an on-line class through the Regina Catholic School Board.  While this was only my first experience, I found there to be many benefits such as:  Flexibility to read the material and work on assignments at times that fit with my schedule; I was able to set my own pace for studying and completing assignments; it helped me with self-discipline, prioritization and organizational skills; there was interactive electronic contact with other students taking the same course; and there was easy access to the teacher via e-mail with responses in a timely manner.  Taking an on-line class definitely gave me the extra flexibility I needed to balance those demands that I had on a daily basis.  Nolan B. Life Transitions 30

I want to thank you for providing the information in your course. I found all the course material to be both refreshing and eye opening. Before taking this course, I never thought Canada was responsible for Aboriginal peoples issues, but now I realise that their issues are caused by Canada. So thanks for opening my eyes and mind to issues right under my nose.  It has been fun!  Thanks again!  Morgan S. Native Studies 30

As a national level swimmer, I train 23 hours a week so I took an online class to add some convenience to my life.  With the ability to complete assignments when I was available gave me extra time to focus on other subjects as well as my sport.  There was minimal direct instruction and learning was much more individual.  If a question needed answering, I was fortunate enough to have my teacher easily reachable by email.  My experience with an online program was positive.  Cassie B. French 10