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Is Online For You?

1. My technology access is best described as...
I have a computer at home with Internet access and I have my own e-mail account.
I have regular access to a computer with Internet access and I have my own e-mail account.
I don't have a computer and/or an e-mail address.
2. My technology skills are...
Very good. I can use e-mail, Web browsers, word-processing software, can download files, and attach files. I do not mind trying to trouble shoot minor technology issues on my own and these issues rarely frustrate me.
Average. I can use e-mail, Web browsers, and word-processing software. I do not like to solve technological issues on my own.
Below average. I have used e-mail, Web browsers, and word-processing software, but I get frustrated when technology does not work well.
3. Face-to-face communication is...
Not essential to me. I understand that quality learning can take place without face-to-face interaction.
Important to me. I am unsure about my ability to learn without a face to face instructor or other students.
I struggle without interaction with an instructor and other students.
4. When I need help...
I feel comfortable asking for and seeking clarification when I need it.
I hesitate to ask questions, but I will if I need it.
I do not like to ask questions or ask for help.
5. The amount of time I have to devote to an online class is...
10 hours or more per week. This will be during the day and/or night.
5-10 hours per week. This will mainly occur at night.
Less than 5 hours per week.
6. I would describe my learning style as...
Self-motivated, self-disciplined, and organized.
Motivated, but I need help remembering assignments and due dates.
Disorganized. I struggle with motivation and need others to help me stay on top of my coursework.
7. When it comes to procrastination...
I rarely do it.
I sometimes do it, but I always get done what needs to get done.
I always do it. I like to work under pressure.
8. My reading and writing abilities are...
Above average. I enjoy reading and writing and have confidence in my skills.
Okay. I read well, but am not the best at expressing myself in writing.
Below average. I do not like reading and writing.
9. My critical thinking skills are...
Very good. I can analyze class materials and formulate opinions based upon what I have learned.
Fair. Sometimes my analysis of class materials and forming opinions is a struggle.
Poor. I do not analyze material well.
10. Class discussions are...
Important to me. They are useful in helping learn information presented in class. I always participate in class discussions.
Somewhat important to my learning. I sometimes participate in class discussions.
Not very useful to me. I do not usually participate in class discussions.
11. When it comes to learning...
I welcome opportunities to learn new things and master new technologies.
I get nervous around new things and new technologies, but I am willing to try and learn.
I get very nervous around new things and new technologies and would rather not try to learn from them.
12. I am considering taking an online course because...
I have taken an online class before and enjoyed the experience.
I am curious about online classes and have room in my schedule.
I need the class for a graduation requirement or job situation and I cannot fit it into my face to face schedule.