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Student Help Page

We are currently working on updated help videos.

If you require assistance for with your course please contact your instructor or

Below you will find videos created to help our students navigate within our online environment.  See below!

I don't know where to start or access my course.

Okay...I have logged in, now what do I do?

I don't know how to complete an assignment with a text box.

I am supposed to add a file.  How do I do that in Google Chrome

I am supposed to add a file.  How do I do that in Internet Explorer

I am taking an online mathematics course and do not know how to use the equation editor.  Help!

I am a student that attends a Regina Catholic School and I have no idea on how to check my mark.  How can I do that?

I am a student from outside Regina Catholic schools.  How can I find out what my mark is in my online course?

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