Quick Tips

  1. Technology Assistance and Ticket Creation: 
    • ​​If you need assistance with your Technology please create a ticket using our web portal before contacting us, if possible.  You can follow this procedure to do so.
  2. Password Information:
    • You can visit http://mypass.rcsd.ca for all your password needs.  You can reset your own password, unlock your account and even reset student passwords!
    • Please note: student passwords have not been reset over summer. Students can use the same password they used last year.
  3. Student Accounts:
    • ​​Student accounts were not deleted over the summer, all students will use the same account that they did last year.
    • New accounts will be created automatically each night using information from SIRS.  Once students are entered in SIRS they will receive an account.
  4. WiFi:
    • ​​RCSD Staff and RCSD Student networks will use your RSCD usernames and passwords to access the network.  Once you connect to the network you will be prompted for login information.
    • For information about WiFi click here.
  5. For more detailed start-up information, including training, new devices and software, click here.












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