Data Center Services

Data Center Services includes the following areas:

  • Storage

    Within the data center a dedicated area of the network provides access to high performance storage disks which allows consolidated access to data and resources.

    • Servers

       Regina Catholic School servers provide users local and centralized storage of files and applications.  Servers range from physical hardware to virtual machines depending on the requirements.

      • Databases

        Technology services avidly uses databases to centrally house data in electronic format that is used for application data and generating reports.  The types and usage of databases used within Regina Catholic Schools vary from application to application.  All databases are maintained and hosted in-house.

        • Virtualization

          Technology Services practices server and desktop virtualization (the consolidation of physical computers on to a single hardware platform).  Virtualization in the data centre offers flexibility, scalability and fault tolerance.  It also reduces power consumption, hardware maintenance costs and physical space.