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Rob Currie


Domenic Scuglia 
Director of Education

Email: d.scuglia@rcsd.ca

Telephone: 306.791.7207

Carla Redler
Sr. Executive Assistant to the Director/Board of Trustees

Email: c.redler@rcsd.ca

Telephone: 306.791.7207

Twylla West
Communications and
Media Coordinator  

Email: t.d.west@rcsd.ca

Telephone: 306.791.1734

Nicole Dittrick

Nicole Dittrick
Receptionist/Admin Assistant

Email: n.dittrick@rcsd.ca

Telephone: 306.791.7200

Paula Bzdell

Paula Bzdell 
Administrative Assistant 2

Email: p.bzdell@rcsd.ca

Telephone: 306.791.3571

Miles Meyers

Miles Meyers 
Catholic Education Services Coordinator

Email: m.meyers@rcsd.ca

Telephone: 306.791.7289

Robyn Germain

Robyn Germain
Catholic Education Services  Administrative Assistant 2

Email: r.germain@rcsd.ca

Telephone: 306.216.6019