Religion Program

A note of clarification regarding supplemental resources for our religion programs.

Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ - new Religion Program resources from Pearson Publishing!

  1. Peason's Newsletter with many resource and update links
  2. Accessing Content for Pearson
  3. Pearson's catholic resources main page
  4. Eastern Rite reources: Liturgical calendar and references for Grades 1 and 2
  5. Guidelines for teaching a grade 1/2 split 
  6. Guidelines for teaching a grade 2/3 split
  7. Teaching by the Liturgical Calendar
  8. Growing in Faith Lenten Resources


"I can" Statements for grades 1-8

Rubrics for grade 1-8 in one zip file

They are available per grade below

Grade 1 Grade 5
Grade 2 Grade 6
Grade 3 Grade 7
Grade 4 Grade 8


Born of the Spirit



Shared Ideas:

From Saint Dominic: a way to pray