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2017 Update!

Lent is still a ways off (February 27th for Byzantine Rite Catholics and March 1st for Latin Rite Catholics to be precise).  However, I wanted to touch base with you about it because I know you do an excellent job of planning ahead.  I’ve attached a letter from Archbishop Bolen inviting all elementary schools within the Archdiocese of Regina to support the Holy Childhood Association (H.C.A.).  I know that several schools already do.  Archbishop Bolen is inviting all schools not already involved with the H.C.A. to use the remainder of this school year to educate students about the H.C.A. and then financially supporting them in Lent 2018.  Please keep this in mind when you are planning for Lent 2017. I have attached Lenten materials for the H.C.A. (including teacher guides, student handouts, Lenten calendars and seek a words, Stations of the Cross for Children and Youth).  Use this link for  the Holy Childhood resources bundle