Social Justice and Reverence for Life

Vatican releases updated guidelines for bioethical questions  (full document coming soon) but you can read an earlier version heret: Charter For Health Care Workers

Holodomor Resources - 2016


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Voices into Action – a wealth of free curriculum-based teaching resources and online tools to help you teach your students about prejudice, human rights and social justice.

Bishops of Canada reflect on impact of legalized assisted suicide and on the 5th Centenary of the Protestant Reformation

CCCB: resource bundle for 2016 National Week for Life and the Family, May 8-15, 2016.
CCCB Brief on Bill C-14

CCCB Updates on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide

CWL: 12 Hours of Prayer for Palliative Prayer May 4th, 2016.

CCCB:Consolidating Catholic efforts in view of Bill C-14

Update April 18, Media Advisory: News Conference: Multi-faith leaders gather to comment on proposed legislation on physician-assisted dying

Update April 15th, 2016    Pastoral Letter of the Catholic Bishops 0f Saskatchewan on the Legalization of Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia

Canadian Bishops Response to Medically Assisted Suicide.

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All things dealing with Reverence For Life and Social Justice

NEW:  Archbishop Dan's commentary on the Supreme Court's ruling on Doctor Assisted Suicide

Prayers for schools during October: Reverence for Life month. or use them anytime.

Archdiocesan prayer for Reverence for Life

Archdiocesan Reverence for Life Commission Resource Page

Basic outline of Catholic Social Teaching

Reverence for Life Ideas

Celebrating Reverence for Life Month in Regina Catholic Schools

October is Reverence for Life Month in the Archdiocese of Regina. Each week during this month we will focus on one aspect of Reverence for Life.

October 3rd-7th -will focus on Reverence for the Elderly

October 3rd-7th prayers

October 10th-14th- will focus on Reverence for those with physical or mental challenges

October 17th-21st -will focus on Reverence for the Pre-Born

October 24th-28th- will focus on Reverence for the Poor

Each week I will provide you with a student and staff prayer that focuses on that week's aspect of Reverence for Life. I would strongly encourage all schools to pray the Rosary (at least one Hail Mary a day as a part of either morning or afternoon prayer) during this month. Here is a file on how to pray the World Mission Rosary


The reasoning behind this is three-fold:
1) October has traditionally been a devotional month dedicated to Mary.
2) October 7 1h is the Feast Day of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary who is the Patroness of the Archdiocese of Regina.
Our elementary schools have been asked to support the Holy Childhood Association (H.C.A.) either financially or spiritually. Prayer for the missions supported by HCA is an excellent means to teach our students that it is an important part of our own mission.

Below is a title and description of each video and what level it would be most suitable for (e.g. elementary or high school)

Video Resources

Reverence for the Elderly

Dear Grandma-Grandma is preparing the Thanksgiving meal for the family.  As she does, you hear the voices of her children and grandchildren thanking her for being a wonderful example of humble service-just like Jesus.  Suitable for both elementary and high school.

What is Love-a beautiful story that shows the love between an elderly Australian couple.  The wife has Alzheimer’s and her husband looks after her every need because of the unconditional love he has received from her and from Christ. Suitable for upper elementary and high school. 

Man Sings to 93 Year Old Dying Wife- Laura and Howard have been married for 73 years, and sadly Laura is in her final days. Back when they were just young lovebirds Howard left to fight in WWII, and before he left Laura would sing 'You'll Never Know' to Howard. Now as they prepare for Laura to leave this world, Howard is singing to her.  The video beautifully illustrates the love between the couple and reverence for life until its natural end. Suitable for upper elementary and high school.

Lonely Grandpa - a beautiful true story of how a kind girl rallied support to help a lonely grandpa who lived alson (subtitles). Suitable for elementary and high school.

Loving Someone with Alzheimer's-a powerful video about a young woman's relationship with her mom -who has Alzheimer's. Due to a profanity in the video (the sword) suitable for high school.


Reverence for those with physical or mental challenges

Autistic Boy Receives Service Dog-true life story of a young, friendless boy with autism who receives a service dog to help him make friends.  Great video about inclusion.  Suitable for elementary

Autism Car Wash-true life story of a car wash that employs autistic people.  Great video about inclusion.  Suitable for high school.

Beyond Circumstances-a true life story of a young couple who have three daughters-two of whom have a rare genetic disorder.  The love these parents have for their daughters and their faith in God is truly beautiful.  Suitable for upper elementary and high school.

Boy Who Tried to Quit Band-true life story of a student with a degenerative disease that makes it impossible for him to play drums in the school band.  His dedicated teacher finds a way to make it possible for him to continue drumming. Suitable for elementary and high school.

Chris Rosatti Proves the Butterfly Effect-a true life story of a middle aged American man who is dying of ALS.  Chris has decided to start a revolution of kindness before he dies.  A great video about kindness, reverence for those with physical challenges and making the most of your life.  Suitable for both elementary and high school.

The Cochran Family-a true life video about an elementary aged brother and his sister who has a physical challenge.  They obviously love each other and the brother challenges people to see his sister as a human just like anybody else. Suitable for elementary.

Deidox-Alyssa-true life story of Alyssa a young woman who was born blind.  She shares about her life and how her strong Christian faith helps her to deal with her personal challenges.  Suitable for upper elementary and high school.

My Beautiful Struggle-a true life video of a young British tetra(para)pelagic.  She demonstrate how she is able to put on makeup in the morning as a way of having people see her for her and not for her disability.  Great video about overcoming challenges. Suitable for high school.

The Present - a lovely animated video about a teenage boy who receives a disabled puppy as a present from his mom and learns about self-acceptance from this gift. Suitable for elementary and high school.


Reverence for the Pre-Born

Andrea Bocelli-a true life video featuring the Italian singer Andrea Bocelli. He tells the story the story of how his mother was told to abort him because he would be born with a disability and how glad he is she didn't. Suitable for upper elementary and high school.

My Beautiful woman-This is a subtitled video based on a true story.  It involves a couple who at long last conceive a child.  They then find out that she has cancer.  She makes the decision to forego chemo until after the baby is born.  Suitable for upper elementary and high school.

Celebrating Life of Mom-a true life story about a woman who made the ultimate sacrifice.  She refused cancer treatment so that her daughter could be born. Suitable for upper elementary or high school.

Sacrificing for a new born - a mom's desire to give life

Formed by his Hand-done in a Dr. Seuss like animation style, this video affirms that we are made by God’s hand and that all life is precious.  Suitable for grade 2-8 (need to be able to read words on the screen) and high school.

God is Pro-Life - video has beautiful images of children accompanied by quotes from scripture about how lfimportant all lives are to God. Suitable for elementary and high school.


Loving Touch and Mom's Intuition - a true life story of an Australian mom who was told that one of her twins was still born and through her love and persistence brought her child back to life. (suitable for upper elementary and high school).


The Miracle of Life-a beautifully filmed video that shows that a unique, God-given life begins at conception.  Uses in-utero video to show how a baby develops through the weeks and months until the baby is born and concludes that every child is a gift from God.  (suitable for upper elementary and high school)

Pro-life video-Choose Life- beautiful video about fetal development accompanied by little children reading scriptural passages affirming the value of life. Suitable for elementary or high school.


Reverence for the Poor

 Giving the Homeless New Shoes - video features Omar Gosh giving new socks and shoes to the homeless C-f'~nd their reaction. Culminates with Omar praying for a homeless person. (suitable for elementary and high school)

Have the Homeless Become Invisible?-people dress up like the homeless and their family members walk right by them on the street.  Great message about how we often ignore the homeless.  Suitable for upper elementary and high school.

Homeless Man Jumps for Joy-real life story of about how Pastor Jeff Carr from Nashville raised $50,000 to build micro-homes for the homeless.  Suitable for elementary and high school.

I'm Homeless but I'm Not - video features real homeless people expressing who they are (I'm homeless lf but you don't need to be afraid of me, I'm homeless but I'm trying to get my life together, I'm homeless but I haven't lost my faith in God). Beautiful message that "I am homeless but I am a human being." Suitable for upper elementary and high school. /1 )

Kind little Girl Feeds Homeless Guy - a little girl eating with her dad in a restaurant gets up and takes her (//meal to a homeless man sitting outside. Suitable for elementary and high school.

Kindergartner inspires-great true life story of pre-k and kindergarten students in San Francisco who raised awareness and funds for the homeless and hungry in San Francisco. Suitable for elementary.

World Hunger Crisis-powerful video that uses statistics and photographs to show that Christians need to and can do something about the world hunger crisis.  Suitable for upper elementary and high school.

Other Social Justice Issues and materials

A Father's Love Letter


When is a Smile Worth Less?


RCE Saskatchewan Recognition Event at Government House with our Patron the Lt. Governor including a presentation to St. Matthew School and our man Arkin Kauf.


COLF - Catholic Organization for Life and Family

Anti-Bullying video:

A great anti-bullying video for grade 7 and 8.  It features students who have been bullied via social media.  They hold up cards showing the nasty messages they have been sent and then hold up cards showing how they “Shake It Off” (e.g. shake off these messages).  Several of the cards mention that they know God has made them beautiful and special.  The video is set to Taylor Swift’s hit “Shake it Off.”