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What's New for Learning in EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY?!


Check out these New Tools for the Essential Skills of 21st Century Learning

FLIPGRID - Communicate, Collaborate, Connect, Critical Thinking, Citizenship

  • Try Flipgrid One for free!

SEESAW - Communicate, Collaborate, Connect, Critical Thinking, Citizenship, Curate

ADOBE SPARK - Create, Communicate, Collaborate, Connect, Critical Thinking, Citizenship

KAHOOT - Communicate, Connect, Critical Thinking, Citizenship

  • ​Try the new option, "Jumble" for formative assessment


More Microsoft Tools to Check Out:


Office 365 Video - A more secure way to house videos!

Sway - Use for Presentations, e-books or portfolio's!

Forms - Try for polls or formative assessment!


Reminders...Teachers may still sign up for PD!

Check PD Place for availability.

  • Teaching with Technology - March 1
  • Networked Learning - January 27, February 9
  • Summative Learning Tools and Formative Learning Tools - February 2, February 16


Looking for the Samaritans on the Digital Road lessons?

Be sure to check out these cross-curricular, faith-based lessons for grades 1 - 6. 


Make Everyday Pink Day - Check out our link to our resources! Be sure to also check out the RCSD Citizenship Resources for more lessons on teaching digital citizenship and being kind online.

Elementary & Middle Years Resources

High School Resources

*Note these are under the 21st Century Learning Resources and Citizenship