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What's New for Learning in EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY?!


Check out these New Tools for the Essential Skills of 21st Century Learning

FLIPGRID - Communicate, Collaborate, Connect, Critical Thinking, Citizenship

  • Try Flipgrid One for free!

SEESAW - Communicate, Collaborate, Connect, Critical Thinking, Citizenship, Curate

ADOBE SPARK - Create, Communicate, Collaborate, Connect, Critical Thinking, Citizenship

KAHOOT - Communicate, Connect, Critical Thinking, Citizenship

  • ​Try the new option, "Jumble" for formative assessment


More Microsoft Tools to Check Out:


Office 365 Video - A more secure way to house videos!

Sway - Use for Presentations, e-books or portfolio's!

Forms - Try for polls or formative assessment!


Reminders...Teachers may still sign up for PD!

Check PD Place for availability.

  • Teaching with Technology - March 1
  • Networked Learning - January 27, February 9
  • Summative Learning Tools and Formative Learning Tools - February 2, February 16


Make Pink Day Everyday!

How can we share our faith when exploring conversations around digital citizenship? Check out the video below, and use it to ignite a discussion with your students! Then be sure to explore our resources to support Pink Day, but most importantly, ensure that we are nurturing Catholic Disciples online and offline everyday!

Looking for the Samaritans on the Digital Road lessons?

Be sure to check out these cross-curricular, faith-based lessons for grades 1 - 6. 


Make Everyday Pink Day - Check out our link to our resources! Be sure to also check out the RCSD Citizenship Resources for more lessons on teaching digital citizenship and being kind online.

Elementary & Middle Years Resources

High School Resources

*Note these are under the 21st Century Learning Resources and Citizenship

Need Pink Day Liturgy Resources? Click here!