First Nations, Inuit and Metis Education

Regina Catholic Schools focus on the Education Sector Strategic Plan outcomes and priorities ensure increased awareness and understanding of First Nations and Métis cultures and to support equitable opportunities and outcomes for students of First Nations and Métis ancestry. Supports are offered in the following initiatives:


Mandatory Treaty Education K-12

Regina Catholic Schools continue to work closely with the Office of the Treaty Commission to build system wide capacity. A team of Treaty Teacher Leaders assist and support teachers at their respectful schools in the successful implementation of the topic of treaties in the classroom. Teachers of PreKindergarten to grade 12 students are provided professional development opportunities on the implementation of Teaching Treaties in the classroom.


Cultural Classrooms

One elementary school (Holy Rosary School)  and one high school (Miller Catholic High School) have established multicultural classrooms that provide increased awareness and understanding of First Nations and Métis cultures within the school. These single classrooms embrace First Nations and Métis traditional values but, are inclusive to the diverse population of students in the schools. The Medicine Wheels four colors is an important symbol used in the classroom to promote peace, harmony, balance and connection.


Honoring Cultures in the School

Creating a sense of pride and identity is promoted through First Nations and Métis dance and music within schools. Miller Catholic High School and O’Neill Catholic High School have successfully implemented a First Nations Drum group facilitated by local First Nations brothers who teach traditional First Nations drumming and spiritual teachings to a group of boys.


First Nations Elders “Traditional Knowledge Keepers” in Residence

First Nations Elders are available to the schools. The Elders in schools assist with cultural awareness, link First Nations and Métis community to school, support the retention and acquisition of First Nations, Inuit and Métis cultures, provide support and advocate for First Nations, Inuit and Métis students and families and assist teachers within the classroom. Regina Catholic School Division Elders assist the schools by offering curriculum actualization and promote Catholic distinctiveness.The Elders Handbook 2012 was created to assist staff within Regina Catholic Schools .