Business Services

Business Services Includes the following areas:

  • Email

    Email services allow users to exchange electronic messages with one another. Technology Services provides system email services for all RCS employees utilizing Microsoft Exchange as a server back end and Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 as email clients.

    • Office Applications

      The Office Applications service provides support for office software like the student information records system (SIRS) and Microsoft Office. Support for this software can be obtained through the knowledgebase or by contacting the Service Desk.

      • ILS Applications

        Mandarin, which is comprised of OPAC, Web OPAC, Circulation, Cataloging and reporting tools, is the library software utilized within Regina Catholic Schools and is accessible in all Regina Catholic Schools locations. Access to Web OPAC is also available outside of the division.

        • Finance Applications

          The finance applications house an extremely large amount of data including payroll, pension, benefits and many other vital employee records. Regina Catholic Schools utilizes SRB software to house it's financial data as well as perform reporting based on this data. Information housed within the software is managed by the Business and Finance department and supported by Technology Services.

          • HR Applications

            The HR department utilizes the same SRB software to manage Regina Catholic Schools employee information. Technology Services supports the PowerTerm software which allows Human Resources staff to make necessary changes.

            • Business Processes

              Technology Services provides services to help develop business processes within Regina Catholic Schools.

              • Johnson Controls

                Johnson Controls software manages heating and cooling operations within all of Regina Catholic Schools' locations and allows remote management of these systems.