Software Services

Software Services includes the following areas:

  • Licensing

    All software licensing is managed through Technology Services. 

    • Inventory and Cataloging

      Every software title purchased by the school division is inventoried and cataloged into the service desk database.

      • Monitoring and Reporting

        Through the cataloging process of software, Technology Services is able to automate monitoring of licensing counts, contract expiration and financial information.  Reports are also generated in regards to software usage and installation locations.

        • Software Acquisition

          All software must be submitted in writing to the Software Acquisition Committee before purchase.  The Committee is comprised of members from different departments within the division (Curriculum and Instruction/School Operations, Technology Services and Business and Finance).  The Committee reviews all software requests to ensure that all software purchased is compatible with curriculum, technology, support and training and finance.  Any staff member of the division is welcome to submit software for approval.