RCSD Mimio Interactive Whiteboard Solution

On this page you will find information on the following items:

Mimio Teach Bar
Application Process
Professional Development Support Plan
Device Management and Teacher Responsibility
Returning the Mimio Teach Bar
Additional Interactive Options
Mimio Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to apply for a Mimio Teach

Principals can click here to apply for additional devices such as the Mimio Vote, Mimio Pad or Mimio View.

Mimio Teach Bar

The Mimio Teach interactive system is placed on a wall or dry-erase board and is attached using magnets.  The system is then connected to a projector and computer via Bluetooth.  A stylus pen is calibrated to the Mimio Teach system using a combination of ultrasound and infrared to identify its location.  Essentially ultrasonic pulses are transmitted from the stylus and received at two points on the bar and then the stylus acts as a mouse, allowing the user to manipulate the contents of their computer as it’s displayed.  This device makes any surface interactive without any installation. 

Visit Mimio.com for more information.


All teachers in RCSD have access to use the MimioStudio Software. SMART lessons can be kept in the current format for viewing with the SMART Notebook viewer also installed on RCSD system computers.

Application Process

An interactive solution requires a time commitment from teachers to research and build interactive lessons that utilize the technology to the fullest potential.  All teachers interested in a Mimio Teach will have the opportunity to apply.  This online application form must be completed by the teacher and approved by the principal where it will be submitted for final review by Senior Administration.

Time Frame to Apply:

Staff can apply anytime throughout the year.

An application review committee will meet as requests are submitted and will be handled on an individual basis depending on approval status, device availability and system training plans.  This allows any power or location specific issues to be resolved as well as training and professional development needs to be considered.  Install times may be subject to change due to supply and location requirements such as projectors and power.

Each application will be reviewed and the applicant notified if they were accepted or declined with details around implementation time frame, training and professional development plans.

How to Apply:

Use the online application available to Teaching Staff to apply for a Mimio Teach.  Once you apply an email will be sent to your principal for initial approval. A Staff member will need their principal/supervisors’ approval for the application to be further reviewed by the System Mimio Application Committee.

 To request a Mimio Teach in a multi-purpose area such as the Gym or Library, the application must be filled out by the principal.

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Professional Development Support Plan

As part of the overall plan for Regina Catholic Schools, we wish to build a repository of quality lessons to support Saskatchewan curriculum and improve student outcomes.  Ongoing support and commitment to improving teaching and learning can be reflected through C2PL goal-setting related to the integration of the interactive whiteboard to improving student outcomes.  Technology Services, through the Digital Learning Consultant, will continue to provide support and leadership with the integration of these devices in classroom teaching.

Teachers with Mimio devices will be granted two professional development days in the first year to:

  • Attend Mimio training sessions offered either online or with Technology Services
  • Develop and submit quality lesson resources.

Device Management and Teacher Responsibility

If the teacher changes schools, they are to take their Mimio Teach with them to their new school.  It is the approved teacher’s responsibility to return the Mimio Teach Bar if they leave Regina Catholic School Division permanently, go on leave or find that the Mimio is no longer meeting their needs as a Teacher.

Returning the Mimio Teach Bar

The Return Process

  1. If a teacher is leaving Regina Catholic School Division, going on leave or finds they no longer need the Mimio Teach Bar.
  2. The Teacher fills out the online form for returning the Mimio Teach Bar http://www.rcsd.ca/cec/?q=content/mimio-teach-bar-return
  3. An email is automatically sent to Technology Services and the School Principal notifying of the intent to return the Mimio Teach bar.
  4. The teacher is responsible to return the teach bar and all components  to the Principal’s office.
  5. Technology Services will pick up the Mimio Teach Bar from the principal’s office.

Additional Interactive Options

Additional devices are available to complete the interactive solution available to the teacher and students. 

Mimio has a student response system, Mimio Vote, which gives each student a device to answer multiple choice questions, provide feedback, vote on topics, and provide data for formative and summative assessment to the teacher. 

There is also a Mimio Pad which is a tablet that allows a student or teacher to interact with the screen from anywhere in the classroom. 

Finally, a Mimio View is also available which works as a document camera to display student work but also can be used as a microscope to display objects and interact, label and discuss the objects with the Mimio software.

The Mimio Vote, Pad and View will be available for application by the school principal.  School personnel will be responsible for sharing these devices.  However, if these are in high demand, principals can apply for additional devices as required.

Additional Mimio Stylus

The following process is in place for schools or teachers who want to purchase a second additional Mimio Stylus(pen) for the Mimio Teach bar.

The process:

Schools call Wintergreen directly @  1-800-268-1268

Order Item # 1774341 Mimio Stylus  $108.00 + taxes

All schools in the Division are already set up with a 5% discounted pricing and free shipping.

Budget dollars are coming from each school and will need to be paid for at the time of order with the System Purchasing Card.

Initial Mimio Project