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Deshaye Catholic School
Principal's Greeting

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope you had an enjoyable break spent celebrating the birth of Christ with family and friends! 2017 was a year of change for us at Deshaye, but we have grown closer as a school community and faced the challenges together. We look forward to continuing our amazing year with a fresh start in January 2018. 

January brings a renewed focus and a fresh, positive attitude towards learning for students and staff. We look forward to seeing the opportunities for growth, as students model Christian leadership throughout the school and community. Teachers will continue with academic goal setting, reflection, and learning journals. This is a continuous process where students will be able to focus on areas that they identify as needing improvement and work towards that improvement.  

As a school community, we are also fortunate to have staff willing to lead our students in extra-curricular activities. Basketball season is upon us, and we hope to see many students taking part in this activity. Grade six students will take part in curling instruction and practice. We are also starting a new round of The Bucket List Reading Challenge. Watch for more information on our upcoming Literacy Night in January. Please look for additional opportunities for your children in the coming months.  

We truly appreciate your support and partnership in the education of your children. Our students are a blessing, and we are excited to continue on our journey in 2018! 

Mrs. S. Gherasim