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École St. Angela Merici
Staff Directory



​Loretta Perras​PrincipalEmail
​Tammy Appell​Vice PrincipalEmail

​Office ​Managers ​

​Thérèse Tomasiewicz​Office ManagerEmail
​Tammy Schatz​Office ManagerEmail
​St. Angela Merici ​ email addressEmail

​​Prep ​Teachers

​Shelley Barthel​Prep TeacherEmail
​Lisa Hay​​Prep TeacherEmail​
​Jennifer Schikowsky​​Prep TeacherEmail
​Shauna Zwarych​​Prep TeacherEmail
​Nicole Belanger​Grade 4 20%​​Email​

Learning  ​Resouce ​​Teacher     Teacher Librarian      Band Teacher     EAL Teacher    Counsellor

​Jacqueline (Jac-o) Christopherson ​Learning Resource Teacher Email
​Tricia Wood​Teacher LibrarianEmail
​Jeremy Drotar​Band Teacher​Email
​Romona Blacklock​EAL Tacher​Email
​​Krista Struby​Counsellor​Email

​French Monitrice ​

​Amélie Rodrigue​French Monitrice (September to January)

Maintenance  ​Staff ​​

​Nat Cottrill 
​Kebreab Medhin​​ ​Caretaker

​Instructional Staff


​Grade Level


​           Email

​Kari Sobering​Kindergarten AM / PM​Email
​Fawn Sullivan​Kindergarten AM / PrepWebsiteEmail​
​Petra Riffel​Grade 1Email
​Jenna Peters​Grade 1Website​​Email
​Amanda Ruschiensky​Grade 1Website​Email
​Chantel Ethier​Grade 2Email
​Honni Lizée​Grade 2Email
​Jinny Piquette​Grade 2Email
​Alyssa Herzog​Grade 3Email
​Teagan Schiltz​Grade 3Email​
​Rachel Courchene​Grade 4Email
​Jaine McGrane​Grade 4Email
​Tyra Padget​Grade 4/5Email
​Tara Fischer​Grade 5
​Kemi Akinpelu​Grade 6Email
​Eric McCalmon​Grade 6WebsiteEmail

​Jessica Berube​Grade 7Email
​Meagan Lane​Grade 7/8Email
​Vanessa Wiseman​Grade 7/8Email​​​