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St. Kateri Tekakwitha School

​​​In the fall, we’ll establish our Catholic School Community Council (CSCC). The CSCC is the official parent/community voice within their school and consists of appointed members and five to nine elected members. Information will be shared by email, on our website a​​nd at our Meet the Teacher Night in September.​

CSCC Members:

Appoi​nted Mem​bers

Elected Members (5 – 9)

Principal (or designate)


Community School Coordinator

Parish Representative (if possible)

Other (if approved)






Members at Large

To assist the CSCC with various initiatives, parents wishing to volunteer their time on as-needed basis, may volunteer to be Member at Large. A sign-up will be done in the fall.


The Role of the CSCC is to work in conj​unction with the principal and staff to:

  • Promote Catholic Education

  • Provide input and further the learning goals of the school

  • Support student learning success and well being

  • Encourage parent and community involvement in the school

  • Represent the school community at the division and provincial level

  • Understand the community

​The Work of the CSCC:

  • Learn about the demographics of the school community

  • Take part in setting the vision for their school

  • Support parent and community involvement in the school

  • Help parents to support their children's learning

  • Have input into the Learning Improvement Plan and perform activities assigned to it as part of the plan

  • Provide advice on the fundraising plans

  • Communicate with the local community

  • Work together with the school to improve student learning

  • Manage a CSCC Government Grant of $1,800 and provide a public accounting

  • Participate in council development activities

  • Dialogue with the School Board through the Board/Council Forum

  • Approach duties with discretion and maintain confidentiality​