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St. Nicholas School

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2017 Bookmark.docx​ - Titles and Authors

The Battles will take place over lunchtime on the designated dates below. All team members should bring lunches to school that day and will eat their lunch during the battle.  


Please mark the dates below on your calendars.  


Wednesday Nov. 1st  – Introductory Battle – we will be just practicing with the  

Titles and Authors (books DO NOT have to be completely read) 

Tuesday Nov. 7th   Battle #1 - Will start asking comprehension questions for all  

the books. Books should be completely read. 

Wednesday Nov. 15th   Battle #2 

Tuesday Nov. 21st- Battle #3 

Monday Nov. 27th – Battle #4 


There will also be a Final Battle with all participating schools Thursday Dec 7th​ at 1:00. More information on the tournament will be send home at a later time.  


What do you need to do? – Help your child read and become experts in their books. They should also know and be able to spell the titles and authors for all 8 books.  




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