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Regina Catholic School Division

Kids and Stress

These activities are From Kids Have Stress too! Grades 1-3 from the 
Psychology Foundation of Canada. They can be used with older students as well. 
Please preview them as some require supplies.  
We recorded these sessions for teacher and families to use to help promote 
social- emotion development and stress management. There are 16 lessons to use. 
These lessons build on skills from the previous lessons.

Intro Video - Kids and Stress

Activity 1/16: Let's Talk About Stress. This activity will give students the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings about stress.

Activity 2/16: The Stress Stop Light. This activity will help students understand the signs of stress and how to help themselves move from highly stressed to more relaxed. 

Activity 3/16: Stretching. This activity introduces stretching as a helpful relaxation strategy.

Activity 4/16: Progressive Muscle Relaxation. This activity will helps students learn what are “tense” and “relaxed muscles.

Activity 5/16: Mindful Breathing. This activity introduces mindful breathing as an effective relaxation strategy.

Activity 6/16: Relaxations Meditation. This activity promotes relaxation as way for students to improve concentration and focus.

Activity 7/16: Imagination Exercise. This activity promotes relaxation using imagination and visualization.

Activity 8/16:  Emotional Vocabulary. This activity will to increase students ability to verbalix their feelings.

Activity 9/16: How Do I Feel? This activity helps students recognize and identify different feelings and think about the ways people express feelings through verbal and nonverbal ways.

Activity 10/16: How Would you feel if….. This activity help students develop and awareness of  people’s feelings through role playing.

Activity 11/16: I Am Thankful For. This activity helps students recognize the people, events, objects and other areas of their lives that make them feel thankful and happy.

Activity 12/16: What Am I Like? This activity helps students become more aware of their personality traits and preferences.

Activity 13/16: Flexible Thinking. This activity teaches students how to think flexibly to help them come up with creative solutions to problems.

Activity 15/16: “What If?” This activity introduces some steps involved in flexible thinking and effective problem solving.

Back to School Jitters

Back to School Jitters are recording from the MHCB teams sessions for students. The sessions topics include. Learn ways to manage your stress, time management skills, study tips and reducing test stress.  We will talk about ways to boost your mental health!

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Back to School Wellness Parent Session

This Session was recorded from our presentation for families to reduce anxiety and stress around the transition back to school. The topics covered include,  some of the safety measures on the return to school during covid, tips on reducing anxiety, and where to find supports in the school and community.


Nothing Else Matters Parent Session