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Regina Catholic School Division
In School Support

·     School Guidance Counsellors ( student services)  – High School ( linked to the description} 

Counsellors are available to assist students with personal  issues, course selection, career choices, peer support, post-secondary options, scholarship applications and information about other educational and support service that are available in the community. Student Services directs parents and students for referrals to outside agencies. Contact information for the Counselors is found on your school website.  

·       Lay Chaplin ( High School) 

The Chaplain is available as a resource to students who require support in their spiritual lives or need direction. The chaplain is prepared to make referral to professional caregivers, when appropriate. 

·       Drug and Alcohol Educator  

Provides education, sup port, and counseling for substance use related issues in all Regina Catholic High School Any student who wishes to learn more about addiction is welcome to attend optional educational sessions or can contact Rand.Rand Teed B.A., B.Ed., ICPS, CCAC -306-501-0123 Voice or Text, email  or  

·       SSWIS Case Worker   SSWIS can help newcomer children and youth and their families have a meaningful school experience. Settlement Support Worke rs in Schools provided services in all Regina elementary and high schools in the Public, Catholic and French school divisions. 

·       Family Support Coordinator  

The Support Coordinator's (FSC) role at the High School level Focuses on students and families who require intensive support and are not connected to outside agencies for individual service. The FSC supports students struggling with mental health challenges, family dynamics, health and well-being, trauma, behavior (such as anger management) and stressors. The FSC will work with students and families for 12-18 months; after which they will be reassessed and possibly referred to outside agencies. Students are referred through the vice principal or student services.   

·       Community School Coordinator 

Community School Coordinators support student's mental health and wellbeing. They provide support to encourage students to be their best self.  Areas of support may include student attendance, accessing outside counselling supports, family engagement, student transition and other areas that may be impacting school success.  

·       First Nations, Métis and Inuit ( FNMI) High School Student Advisor