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Regina Catholic School Division
April 7

We begin our prayer in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Think about St Teresa of Avila's prayer and her reminder that you and I complete the work of Jesus:

Christ's work is now our work,

Christ's hands are now our hands,

To wipe away a tear,

To build shelter for the homeless,

To collect food for the hungry,

To greet one another in peace,

Christ's feet are now our feet,

To walk along paths of justice,

To carry the load of the elderly,

To create new ways of learning when the old ways don't work

To lead the reluctant to freedom and understanding.

Christ's ears are now our ears,

To hear the cry of the poor,

To listen to the groans of a wounded planet

To appreciate words of wisdom and truth,

To attend to the longings and needs of our hearts

Christ's tongue is now our tongue,

To speak words of wisdom,

To teach one another to be more than tolerant,

To correct one another when mistakes are being made,

To speak words of forgiveness in injury.

Christ's mind is now our mind,

To remember the story of the people of God,

To imagine a world governed by the law of love,

To create works of beauty,

To pray in thanksgiving and gratitude for the gifts of creation.

Sounds like a tall order but we are not alone, and we walk hand in hand with our Lord Jesus.  Lent allows us time to see how much or how little we have held Jesus' hand and gone into the world in mission – it is a question of trust and Truth.

We close by praying:

Glory be to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit

As it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.