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Regina Catholic School Division
December 1

We start our prayer today in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

This coming Sunday marks a new year in our Church liturgical life. We'll begin again reflecting on the signs of the coming of our savour - the anticipation of Jesus birth.

Intense and exciting waiting begins as we look for the for the greatest present of all – the son of God!

In Luke's gospel we hear that we are to look for the signs of God in our world. We are invited to see signs of Jesus all around us to prepare for this great season that is almost upon us.

The trouble is, is that we don't look. We're too busy or too distracted so we need to pray to help us slow down and be open to Jesus in our lives.

This December Pope Francis invites us to keep our elders, the keepers of our histories,  in our prayers.

Today is also World AIDS day so we pray for all struggling with this disease – who else can we pray for?

Today we pray to slow down and begin to look for Jesus in our world:

And we pray:

Lord, help us to slow down

And look for your love around us in our schools

Our families and our friends.

Change our eyes so we can see you.

Change our minds so that we can imagine you with us every day.

Change our hearts can see Jesus in us as we approach his birthday.

We ask this in Jesus name


​We continue our day in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.