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Regina Catholic School Division
December 13

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. 

Today we remember Saint Lucy, also known in Latin as Santa Lucia (loo-CHEE-ah), whose name means "holy light". She is the patroness of blindness and all people with eye trouble.  Jesus is the light of love for us and he calls to all people who are weary and heavy burdened to let him share in the struggles of their lives.  Jesus can help us see other and our lives through the eyes of love - through God's eyes. This is a way of seeing too!

Our Jewish brothers and sisters celebrate the season of Hanukkah beginning today (Dec. 13-20) This festival celebrates the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem after its violation by the Syrian Greeks. Hanukkah has become a beloved and joyous holiday. It is also known as the Festival of Lights and usually takes place in December, at the time of year when the days are shortest in the northern hemisphere.

We pray:

Jesus be our light,

Flood our hearts with your hope

May your light brighten our days and comfort our darkness.

In these dark days when dawn breaks late and night falls early,

Be the light to guide us on our paths.

Dear God, lover of all

We praise you for gifting us Jesus as our Saviour.

He blessed the children who came to Him.

Look on us with kindness,

And protect us with Your love.

God, help us grow n wisdom and faith,

That we may inherit the Kingdom of God.

We ask for Your blessing, Lord,

Through Jesus Christ,

Our Teacher and Saviour.


We conclude with our Advent Prayer:

God's hope to direct me.

God's love to surround me.

God's joy to warm me.

God's peace to comfort me.

Bless our Advent journey to Christmas with light and patience,

​We pray for our Jewish friends and with St. Lucy and beside us we continue our day in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.