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Regina Catholic School Division
January 19

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. 

Lord, thank you for light and life! 

You give us light to see the beauty of the world and the beautiful people around us. Your love-light fills us with joy and peace. Help us to live in the light of truth and love. May we be light-bearers of Christ and free from darkness. Amen!

Mark’s Gospel today sees Jesus choosing his disciples. They are the 12 disciples who journey with him throughout his whole life and then they, as apostles, continue his mission after he goes to heaven.  A disciple is one who learns at the feet of the master – a student – an apostle takes what they have learned to the world as an ambassador or messenger.  As disciples we learn about Jesus mission and then, we when we take that Good News to others, we exercise our role as apostles! Cool eh?
God has given us gifts and talents to continue Jesus’ work. God asked us to work together as a body works together. We are to let these gifts and talents shine in our lives as students and later as workers in the coming kingdom of God.  We cannot stay disciples forever, we need to tell the story of Jesus. We need to live the story of Jesus or our faith remains just that, a story…

We pray: 

Loving God bless us we continue your mission of building a culture of Love and Life. 
… all is Your kingdom, not ours.
Christ Jesus give us your light to shine in our hearts. 
Open our eyes to our bad habits and where we need to change. 
Let us be children of the light and let our good deeds shine for all to see. 
So people may come to know you through what we do.
We hope for this world and pray 
for joy to touch the hearts of everyone 
and take everybody’s hand. 

We make our prayer in the name of Jesus, our light. Amen 

As disciples of Jesus we continue our day in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of 
the Holy Spirit. Amen. ​