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Regina Catholic School Division
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​​​​​​​The Regina Catholic School Division

Rich in tradition, culture, and history, the Regina Catholic Schoo​l Division’s humble beginnings date back to the earliest days of the city of Regina.

On February 11, 1899, the city’s small Catholic community came together to establish a separate school district. Named after Father Damian Gratton, the one-school Gratton Roman Catholic Separate School District No. 13 grew out of a strong faith and a commitment to educating Catholic children in their own schools.

Today, the Regina Catholic School Division is experiencing a period of unprecedented growth. We offer our students a wide range of academic, practical and applied arts programs, student support services, and extracurricular activities.

Yet, what really sets our schools apart is our faith. Schools at Regina Catholic are faith-filled communities w​here the values and teachings of Jesus Christ guide every aspect of teaching and learning. Our schools are places where we can freely teach and practice the Catholic faith and where the school, home, and church work together to help students become informed, compassionate, and responsible citizens.

Our schools emphasize faith development, student learning, leadership skills, community service projects, as well as academic success. And we are a very successful school division. According to our Ministry of Education learning achievement data, our Division’s average marks, graduation rates, and transition rates consistently exceed the provincial averages. After completing their education with us, our students are well prepared to directly enter the work force or the post-secondary learning institutions of their choosing.​

Gratton School.jpg

Gratton School, the Division’s first school, and St. Mary’s Parish in the early 1900s. The buildings were located on Scarth Street, near Victoria Avenue.

The Division currently serves nearly 12,000 students, making us the fourth largest school division in the province. Our student population is steadily growing and diversifying, a reality that presents many opportunities.

We serve our students in 32 schools. We have 25 elementary schools, which include five French Immersion schools and one Special Education school for medically fragile students. We have four high schools, which include three French Immersion high schools, and one trades-focused school. We also have one Kindergarten to Grade 12 alternative school, the only one of its kind in Regina. Additionally, we offer a unique educational experience through Learning Online, which offers over 40 grade 9 to 12 courses.

1,100 dedicated people work together as the staff of Regina Catholic, including teachers, education support professionals, and CUPE employees who manage our facilities. We are governed by a seven-member Board of Trustees that works with the Division administration to develop and implement policies based on ever-evolving student and school needs.

The Division’s Theme is Know, Love, Serve. Our students, staff, and parents do work together to make a difference. Every month, we publish our Director’s Communique on the Division website. These publications are always filled with countless examples of students and staff members reaching out to others in our local, national, and international communities in an effort to put our Division’s Theme into action.

Our work is also guided by the Division vision, mission, values, and commitments.



​The Regina Catholic School Division will provide a quality Catholic education that is faith based, student-centered, and results-oriented.


The Regina Catholic School Division will work with the community and the local church to provide a quality Catholic education that fosters academic excellence and the development of informed, responsible citizens.


Accountability, Collaboration, Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Wellness


Catholic Communities of Faith: The school community understands, nurtures and supports the value of Catholic education.

Literacy Numeracy: Students meet or exceed grade level expectations in reading, writing and mathematics.

​Equitable Opportunities & Transitions: Student diversity, wellbeing and overall development is supported.

Essential Skills & Practices in 21st Century Education: Students develop and share their skills, gifts and knowledge.​

​Parent/Guardian Concerns:  Contact your local school or e-mail:

Student Transportation:  Elena Chase – (306) 791-7214

Medi​a Contact:  Twylla West – (306) 791-7253 or

Distribution of Promotional Material:  Educator Services Department – (306) 791-7333

Student Transcripts:   Ministry of Education, Student Services,
                                     128-1621 Albert Street, Regina, Sask., S4P 2S5     Phone:  (306) 787-9525
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