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Regina Catholic School Division
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Introducing St. Maria Faustina School

June 17, 2020

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The Board of Trustees of the Regina Catholic School Division is pleased to announce the new name of the former Jean Vanier School. Effective immediately, this specialized school, which educates students with intensive needs, will be given the new name St. Maria Faustina School.


Pope Saint John Paul II canonized St. Faustina in 2000. She was known for her visions of Christ and her many journals in which she recorded her prayers and visions, including that which led to what is known as the Divine Mercy Image, a globally known painting of Jesus in white robes showing two rays coming from his chest, one red and one pale.


“We’re pleased to have this new school name” says Principal Lesley Perrault. “When we read headlines about Jean Vanier earlier this year, we were concerned about how the association might impact our community. We know Jesus was the only human to live without sin, but we felt relief to have a new name coming. St. Faustina is someone we can pray to and learn from, and can still remember the spirit in which our school was formed. We are now the St. Faustina Heroes.”


After community consultation and further discussion, the Board chose the name for St. Maria Faustina School and announced it at the June 17, 2020 Public Board Meeting.


“St. Faustina is the Patron Saint of Mercy, and Mercy is something we all need,” says Board Chair Bob Kowalchuk. “Her visions and healing are well-known, even though she’s a relatively new saint. We’re grateful to all those who submitted ideas for the name of the school.”


Thank you for joining the newly named St. Maria Faustina School in prayer as the students, staff and families continue to build community from a distance.