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Regina Catholic School Division
Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyles

Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyles 

At the Regina Catholic School Division, we believe that health and education are interdependent. By addressing school community health, we can improve the educational outcomes of our students.

To this end, we have developed an Administrative Application (9512) to promote nutrition and healthy lifestyles in all of our schools. In the words of the application:

"The Regina Catholic School Division recognizes that schools have a responsibility to all students to foster knowledge, attitudes and practices that promote proper nutrition and healthy lifestyles.  We are committed to supporting and modelling healthy lifestyles and as such, believe in the promotion and offering of nutritious food options in our schools. In addition, physical activity also plays a role in the development of healthy lifestyle habits that contributes to students' wellness and achievement."

This application states that our Division seeks to provide guidance and assistance to our schools as they can promote, model, and educate students about healthy living. We seek to:

  1. Educate – ensure that the outcomes from the Saskatchewan Curricula related to nutrition are being met by all students
  2. Promote – a culture of wellbeing which includes daily physical activity and components of the Comprehensive School Community Health
  3. Model – school staff are positive role models who promote healthy eating within the school environment

In an effort to work together and support our schools as they promote health in wellness, throughout the school year, we will regularly post resources and information pertaining to healthy living. These resources can be accessed below.

Module 1: Breakfast - A great way to start your day 

Module 2: Building a healthy lunch

Administrative Application 9512: Nutrition Promotion and Healthy Lifestyles