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Regina Catholic School Division
Safe and Caring Schools: Nurturing Catholic Discipleship

​​​We Believe in Respect.

The Regina Catholic School Division believes that students have the right to live and to learn in bully-free environments that are full of care and respect.

This belief is reflected in our Student Bill of Rights and Obligations that promises all students the right to be educated in a positive environment, filled with respect and support.

Student Bill of Rights - digital presentation  


 Our Board Policy - 12 - Role of the Director â€‹and our Bully Prevention Plan also outline that all students and parents/guardians have the right to be protected from procedures or decisions that are unsafe, unfair, or disrespectful. We also proudly work with the City of Regina to help enforce the bylaw that addresses bullying and public fighting.

As a reminder of our position on bullying, our Board of Trustees has produced a poster that can be viewed here


The Regina Catholic School Division is committed to providing school environments that are safe and caring places for all.  To this end, we have joined with many community partners in the Community Violence Threat Risk Assessment and Support Protocol.

Specific information about this protocol is available in a brochure posted below.  It is important that students, staff, and parents/guardians/caregivers understand their responsibility to report any threat related behaviours to the school principal.  The Regina Catholic School Division will not accept a “no response” to a serious threat.  We have a duty to respond.  For additional information, please contact your school principal.

​Official VTRA Brochure 2017.pdf

Parent Resources (documents and links)

​Digital Wellbeing of Candian Families.pdf


Action Plan to Address Bullying and Cyberbullying

Digital Citizenship Instruction in Saskatchewan Schools

Regina Catholic School Division Bullying Prevention Plan

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 Ministry of Education  (documents and links)

 Action Plan to Address Bullying and Cyberbullying

Letter from the Ministry explaining Anti-Bullying Strategy

Report Bullying Online Saskatchewan (an anonymous online bullying reporting mechanism)