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Regina Catholic School Division
Band Program

The Regina Catholic School Division Band Program

The Regina Catholic School Band Program is one of the largest in the province.  There are many bands in our school system with over 1,000 school musicians involved in a variety of area elementary bands, high school concert bands and jazz bands.  Every student has an opportunity to play in a band from Grade 6 until Grade 12.

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The Benefits of Being in a Band

Studying music is a great mind trainer and joining the school band could be one of the most important steps in your child’s education.  The band experience benefits your child by helping them develop discipline, responsibility, self-esteem, team-work, as well as enjoyment and lifelong appreciation of music.  Any child willing to put in a reasonable amount of effort and practice can succeed.

Grade 6, 7, and 8 Band Program

Band is an integral part of the school program.  It is an enhancement of the music strand in the arts education curriculum.  Regina Catholic Schools provides funding for instruction and course related materials. However, as this is an elective option for parents there is a financial commitment. Parents are responsible for purchasing or renting an instrument.  ​All instruction is during school hours.  Students enrolled in the band program are pulled out of regular classes on a rotating basis for a 30 minute small group lesson once per week.

In addition to the small lessons at their school, band students are transported to their area Catholic high school by bus once per week for an hour-long full band rehearsal with students from the other area schools. In total, your child receives 90 minutes of band instruction per week.

Practice and Effort

Daily practice is the key to success - students will have weekly playing assignments to complete.  We feel strongly that helping your child understand commitment and encouraging them to continue in band for the musical year (from September to the end of May) is important.  Students will be evaluated with a three-term report card.

Concerts and Activities

The two elementary school bands – the Grade 6 Band and the Grade 7 & 8 Band -perform at various concerts throughout the year.  Some of the concerts are the Winter Concert, Band Days Festival, Optimist Festival, and the Spring Concert. Elementary school bands also play spring recruitment concert tours at elementary schools in the city and make a day trip out of the city.  The students are supplied with a band vest for their band uniform which is worn for all concert performances.

A highlight of our band program is the Regina Catholic Schools Band Festival called Band Days.  At this festival, all band students have an opportunity to practice and perform a solo with a piano accompaniment for an adjudicator. They also have an opportunity to play in a small ensemble.   This is a wonderful experience for the young musicians.  As a grand finale of the event, invited students can participate and perform in either the Grade 7 and 8 Select Band or the High School Honor Band.

High School Band Program

Band is offered as a credit class for students at each of the four Regina Catholic High Schools. As part of this class, students participate in two, 55 minute rehearsals per week. Bi-weekly band sectionals are also offered to to give individualized instruction.

The focus of the High School Band Program is on the preparation and performance of different styles of instrumental music. Each student learns musical concepts and develops technical skills on his or her instrument. Students will be given the opportunity to develop solo and ensemble skills as well as to study the theory of music.  High School Band Students will be involved in several performances including school functions and activities, public concerts, and festivals. An out of city band trip is also planned each year.

Regina Catholic Jazz Bands

The Regina Catholic School band program also offers an extra-curricular jazz band program.  The jazz groups consist of approximately 18-20 who play jazz instruments – the saxophone, trombone, trumpet, piano, guitar, string bass/bass guitar (or keyboard bass) and drums.  All groups rehearse once a week at Miller Comprehensive Catholic High School during the evening.  Student from Grades 8-12 are eligible to join, but all members must also be part of the concert band program.

Financial Considerations

Parents are responsible for obtaining an instrument, either through rental or purchase.  Both music stores in Regina have a variety of rental programs including rent-for-the-year and rent-to-own options. The band program does offer larger instruments for a minimal rental fee.

The band program is assisted in its work by an active parents’ association, The Regina Catholic School Band Parents’ Association.  This important organization actively supports all our bands in a number of ways. They help transport the Division’s twelve elementary school bands, supply uniforms, pay fees for clinicians, and provide volunteers for many important activities (chaperones, Band Days workers, fundraising, registrar, newsletter, and uniforms). There is an annual fee for membership in the Association set each year by the Parent Association Executive.

For more information on the Division’s wonderful Band Program, please contact the band teacher at the school your child attends.