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Regina Catholic School Division
English as an Additional Language


The Regina Catholic School Division welcomes students and families from around the world. Our school division values the cultural and linguistic diversity of all students attending our schools. We are committed to providing the highest quality of educational services to all students, including support for students learning English as an Additional Language. As a Catholic School Division, our key priority is to nurture students on their faith journey. We strive to create schools that are centres of love.

 We serve students in 25 elementary schools and 4 high schools throughout the city of Regina. Learning Support includes EAL (English as an Additional Language Support). The EAL Program is supported with:

•   EAL teachers, to help students develop their English language skills.

•    Students being able to attend schools in their neighbourhood.

•    Students learning in a regular, supportive classroom so they can learn English and curriculum at the same time.

 In addition to language teaching, programming for EAL students includes a cultural component. Culture and language are intertwined, and knowledge of the culture associated with a language helps the learner gain a deeper understanding of the language and language usage. It also assists newcomers to Canada, and Saskatchewan, make a smooth transition to their new country, culture, and language, which includes learning about school in Saskatchewan, holiday themes, outings in the community (such as the Natural History Museum), and so on.

For more information related to:

-        EAL program, please contact Karen Quiroz-Norman, Multilingual & Multicultural Consultant at 306-791-7234 or by e-mail at​

-        Education in Saskatchewan, please visit:​ (Information available in several languages).

For RCSD Elementary​ EAL Considerations please visit here​.

For RCSD High School EAL Considerations​ please visit here​.