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Regina Catholic School Division
Cross-Country Running

​​​​​Guidelines for Elementary Inter-School Cross Country Running

Designated Sport:  Inter-School Cross Country Running is offered as part of our Catholic education program under the authority of Regina Catholic Schools.

Guiding Principles:  Coaches are responsible for upholding our Catholic values and these Guidelines for Elementary Inter-School Sports Activities.

Coaches are Responsible and Accountable:  Coaches are responsible for the control and activities of their team.   Coaches are accountable to their school principal. The Guidelines for Elementary Inter-School Sports shall apply to all regular season play and playoffs.  

Competition:  The Inter-School Cross Country Running season includes four meets normally held on Thursdays at Douglas Park Track and Field Complex.

Establishing Your School Team:
1)     All teams are established by open enrolment of students who meet the eligibility criteria. 

2)     Coaches should establish eligibility criteria for participating on the team.  Suggested criteria include:

  • Attendance – students attend all practices and will notify the coach if they will be absent. 
  • Sportsmanship – students demonstrate a positive attitude and act as goodwill ambassadors for the school.
  • "Coachability" – students are willing to respond to coaching instructions, suggestions, and ideas.
  • Team Spirit – student behaviour towards all of their teammates is supportive at all times.

·        Safety Considerations – a student's skill level/ability is a safety consideration for self and others.
·        Rationale – Coaches should establish a sound rationale for the team selection process that is consistent with the Guidelines for Elementary Inter-School Sports Activities in Regina Catholic Schools.
3)     Grades 4 -8 Inter-School Cross Country Running includes the following age classifications:
                 Novice Girls/Boys           9 years old
                 Midget Girls/Boys          10 years old
                 Peewee Girls/Boys         11 years old
                 Junior Girls/Boys            12 years old
                 Senior Girls/Boys            13 years old and over

4)     Coaches should ensure that student-athletes can attain the required eligibility standards in order to participate in the weekly meet.  Students who do not achieve the standard should be encouraged to continue training until the standards can be met.   Special arrangements may be made to accommodate students who are not physically able to meet these standards.
Novice  4-1-4                    (4 minute run -1 minute recovery - 4 minute run)
Midget  4-1-4                    (4 minute run -1 minute recovery - 4 minute run)
Junior    5-1-5                    (5 minute run -1 minute recovery - 5 minute run)
Senior    6-1-6                    (6 minute run -1 minute recovery - 6 minute run)

5)     Each participant must return a signed copy of the `Participation Agreement Form`. Coaches should keep the signed form on file until the end of the school year.

6)     The rules for Inter-School Cross Country Running are available on the Regina Catholic Schools website.   The rules and expectations will be discussed at the pre-season coaches' meeting.

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September 14th Results
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September 21st Results
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September 28th Results
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Overal​l Results
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