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Regina Catholic School Division
Track & Field

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Designated Sport:  Inter-School Track and Field is offered as part of our Catholic education program under the authority of Regina Catholic Schools.

Guiding Principles:  Coaches are responsible for upholding our Catholic values and these Guidelines for Elementary Inter-School Sports Activities.

Coaches are Responsible and Accountable:  Coaches are responsible for the control and activities of their team.   Coaches are accountable to their school principal.  The Guidelines for Elementary Inter-School Sports shall apply to all play.

Mini-Meets:   Mini meets offer an opportunity for getting to know your team and student skill development.  All eligible students should be given an opportunity to compete in at least one mini-meet.  Point totals should not be recorded or announced.  Coaches are encouraged to use the mini-meets to observe and select the athletes who will represent the school.

City Championship:    The city championship will be a two-day event scheduled by the Superintendent.  Coaches will identify one student to compete in each event for each age category.

Establishing Your School Team:

1)     All teams are established by open enrolment of grade 4 – 8 students who meet the eligibility criteria.  Strive to involve all students who are interested in participating.  Activity should focus on getting to know your team and player skill development.  Encourage open practices right up to the final competition.

Grades 4 -8 Inter-School Track and Field includes the following age classifications as of December 31st, 2022:

        U12 Girls/Boys (2011 & 2012) - 11 years of age and under

        U14 Girls/Boys (2009 & 2010) - 13 years of age and under

        U15 Girls/Boys (2008 & earlier) - 14 years of age and over

2)     All eligible students should participate in the mini-meets.  All students who are part of the track team should participate in at least one mini-meet.
3)     Coaches will select school representatives to participate in the city-wide meet.
4)     Coaches should establish eligibility criteria for participating on the team.  ​
5)     Each participant must return a signed copy of the `Participation Agreement Form`. Coaches should keep the signed form on file until the end of the school year.
6)     The rules for inter-school track and field are available on the Regina Catholic Schools website.   The rules and expectations will be discussed at the pre-season coaches' meeting.

Event Guidelines and Rules  

RCS Mini-Meet Template

2 Day City Final Schedule

Small and Large Schools Designation

Track and Field Athletes Registration Form 

​Records updated June 14 2019