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Regina Catholic School Division
Coaches' Meeting  - Agenda & Minutes

Guidelines for Elementary Inter-School Volleyball

Designated Sport:  Inter-School Volleyball is offered as part of our Catholic education program under the authority of Regina Catholic Schools.

Guiding Principles:  Coaches are responsible for upholding our Catholic values and these Guidelines for Elementary Inter-School Sports Activities.

Coaches are Responsible and Accountable:  Coaches are responsible for the control and activities of their team.   Coaches are accountable to their school principal. The Guidelines for Elementary Inter-School Sports shall apply to all regular season play and playoffs.

Regular Season Play

1)     Regular season play should focus on getting to know your team and player skill development.  Scores are not recorded to encourage equal playing time with less emphasis on competition.  All eligible students should be given an opportunity to compete and enjoy equal playing time.  Game scores will have no effect on playoffs.
2)     Teams are encouraged to practice with a larger roster; however the full team does not have to travel to all games.  Coaches may shorten the roster for travel (i.e.: 14 players), however, the roster should be changed so that all of the students get a chance to play.
3)     Every player should play at least one full set.
4)     Coaches are encouraged to take measures to balance competition and limit the point spread (i.e.:  make arrangements to play against a comparable team, reset the clock with each shift, etc)
5)     Schools may be grouped by area location in Regina to facilitate scheduling of play.
6)     A pre-season meeting will be held and coaches will arrange for regular season games.  All teams should play a minimum of 4 games during the regular season.

Playoff Season

1)     Each coach must indicate if they want to participate in the playoffs.
2)     The playoff schedule will be established by the Physical Education/Health Consultant.  Playoff games in each area will be scheduled by a random draw.  Playoff games must be completed by the specified dates.
3)     In the playoffs, coaches may increase time for senior players and organize for a more skilled level of play.

Establishing Your School Team:

1)      Do not establish your team or begin practicing until after the pre-season coaches' meeting.
2)     All teams should consist of a minimum of 12 players if possible.  Coaches do not have to keep an unmanageable number of students on a team.  For example, if 30 students from grade 7 and 8 came out for the team, it would be expected that some students would not make the team.
3)     Coaches along with school based administration should establish a sound rationale for the team selection process that is consistent with the Guidelines for Elementary Inter-School Sports Activities in Regina Catholic Schools.
4)     Coaches should establish eligibility criteria for participating on the team.  Suggested criteria include:

  • Attendance – students attend all practices and will notify the coach if they will be absent.
  • Sportsmanship – students demonstrate a positive attitude and act as goodwill ambassadors for the school.
  • "Coachability" – students are willing to respond to coaching instructions, suggestions, and ideas.
  • Team Spirit – student behaviour towards all of their teammates is supportive at all times.
  • Safety Considerations – a student's skill level/ability is a safety consideration for self and others.
  • Rationale – Coaches should establish a sound rationale for the team selection process that is consistent with the Guidelines for Elementary Inter-School Sports Activities in Regina Catholic Schools.

5)      Each participant must return a signed copy of the `Participation Agreement Form`. Coaches should keep the signed form on file until the end of the school year.
​6)     The rules for Inter-School Volleyball are available on the Regina Catholic Schools website.   The rules and expectations will be discussed at the pre-season coaches' meeting.

Rotation Sheets & Score Sheets

Rotation sheets.pdf

RCS Volleyball Score sheet.pdf

RCS Volleyball Score sheet.xls

Volleyball Rules

RCSD Rules - 2021.pdf