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Regina Catholic School Division


Technology Within Regina Catholic Schools

Regina Catholic Schools Tech​nology Vision

The technology vision of Regina Catholic Schools is to integrate technology throughout the school division in instruction, administration and business functions in order to enhance student learning and productivity, enhance instruction and increase teacher effectiveness and efficiency, improve school division productivity, and improve communications and access to information.

The goals identified to realize this vision include:

• providing student access to technology to enhance learning productivity across the curriculum
• providing teacher access to technology to enhance instruction and assist with administrative tasks
• providing staff access to technology in-service training and support
• to provide technical support to assist schools and Catholic Education Centre departments with school division network operations
• enabling schools and Catholic Education Centre operations to use technology to support efficient and effective management and communication of information
• providing infrastructure support for total integration of technology.

Technology within Regina Catholic Schools is split up into 3 main areas; Business Technology, Education Technology and Information Technology.

Information Technology supports the computer systems and network infrastructure within Regina Catholic Schools to ensure that the Technology is always available when it is needed.

The mandate of Educational Technology Services is to integrate technology across curricula thorough collaboration and support with all curriculum areas.​​