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Regina Catholic School Division
Welcome to Kindergarten 2022-2023 
Orientation Information

General information regarding RCSD

RCSD- 2022-23 Elementary School Calendars  (link below)

French Immersion Kindergarten 

Supporting Your Child's Learning and Development

Literacy, Mathematics and other fun learning in K ! :)

Speech and Language 

Learning Portfolios 

Exciting Beginnings

Registration for kindergarten in all Catholic elementary schools begins in January of each year. Children who will be five years of age as of December 31 of the school year may enter kindergarten in September for the academic year. 

Our Philosophy

We believe that each child is a unique being who was created by God and is on a lifelong journey back to Him. The journey is a difficult one filled with many challenges. This is why we want our children to receive the best education possible - a balanced education that will:

instill in them high moral and spiritual values
encourage them to reach their full intellectual potential
help them to enjoy the best possible health and emotional well-being
develop in them a keen sense of social responsibility

Our Kindergarten Program

The kindergarten program provides a strong foundation from which the child can continue to be actively involved in learning. The goal of the program is to nurture the development and learning of the whole child. Participation in the kindergarten program can assist children to:

acquire a level of communicative competence
acquire social skills which enable them to relate to adults and other children
develop confidence in themselves
continue to develop to their potential.

Our French Immersion Kindergarten

Regina Catholic Schools offers kindergarten in French Immersion. For more information about French Immersion, please click here​.

Locations (To locate a Catholic school near you click here)

De​shaye Catholic-37 Cameron Cres S4S 2X1 (306) 791-7270

Holy Rosary-3118-14 Ave. S4T 1R9 (306) 791-7280

Sacred Heart​-1325 Argyle St. S4T 2Z8 (306) 791-7290

St. Augustine-2343 Edgar St S4N 3L2  (306) 791-7310

St. Bernadette-727 N. McIntosh St. S4R 6E4 (306) 791-7320

St. Catherine-150 Brotherton Ave S4N 0J7 (306) 791-7325

St. Dominic Savio-195 Windfield Rd. S4V 0E9 (306) 791-7330

St. Francis-45 Mikkelson Dr S4T 6B7 (306) 791-7335

St. Gabriel​-3150 Windsor Park Rd. S4V 3A1 (306) 791-1717

St. Gregory-302 Upland Dr S4R 5X3 (306) 791-7340

St. Jerome-770 Rink Ave S4X 1V8  (306) 791-7345

St. Joan of Arc-10 Dempsey Ave S4T 7H9 (306) 791-7350

St. Josaphat-140 Greenwood Crescent S4X 1G4 (306) 791-7355

St. Kateri Tekakwitha - 4415 James Hill Road S0G 4G0

St. Marguerite Bourgeoys-2910 E. Shooter Dr. S4V 0Y7 (306) 791-7360

St. Matthew-4710 Castle Rd. S4S 4X1 (306) 791-7370

St. Michael​-431 Hamilton St. S4R 2A8 (306) 791-7375

St. Nicholas - 7651 Mapleford Gate S4Y 0C6

St. Peter-150 Argyle St. S4R 4C3  (306) 791-7380

St. Theresa-2707-7 Ave. E. S4N 5E8 (306) 791-7390

St. Timothy-280 Sangster Blvd S4N 7H5 (306) 791-7395

French Immersion Schools

École St. Elizabeth 5149 Green Brooks Way S4V 2Z6  (306) 791-7300

École St. Angela Merici 6823 Gillmore Drive S4X 4J3 (306) 791-7305

École St. Mary​ 140 N. McIntosh St. S4R 4Z9 (306) 791-7365

École St. Pius X​ 3301 Garnet St. S4S 1X8 (306) 791-7385

St. Kateri Tekakwitha - 4415 James Hill Road S0G 4G0

Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten

Provide a variety of opportunities for learning
Talk to your child
Encourage a variety of play experiences
Encourage participation in physical activities
Take your child to the library
Read with your child daily
Talk to your child about the pictures in stories
Act out parts of the story
Provide a variety of writing materials
Encourage creativity
Encourage care of personal belongings
Encourage curiosity
Encourage independence
Take pride in talents and accomplishments of your child
Encourage sensitivity towards others and the environment
Have fun with your child!
Transportation Boundaries

Our school division has established walking and transportation boundaries within the school attendance area for both the English and French Immersion Schools. The established walking boundary around each elementary school is approximately 1.2 km or 3/4 of a mile radius from the school. If a family's home or childcare is within the walking boundary, there is no transportation provided by the school division.

If the family's home or childcare is outside of the walking boundary, transportation will be provided. Each school should have a boundary map indicating the attendance, walking and transportation boundary for your school. Kindergarten Students: Morning kindergarten students ride with the other students on the bus to school in the morning and whenever possible, are accommodated at 11:45 am with a drop off in front of the home or caregiver.

Afternoon kindergarten students are picked up whenever possible in front of the home or caregiver's location and are transported to school for 12:45 pm and at the end of the day are transported home with the other students at 3:30 pm. However, if the student's pickup is in a Bay, Place or small Crescent, a pick up or drop off location at the closest, safest intersection is established. A bus driver is not responsible for the kindergarten students getting across the street or into their home.

However, where possible, the driver waits until the child has gone into the home before leaving. Therefore, parents should meet kindergarten students at their front door, letting the driver know that someone is home with the kindergarten student. The kindergarten teacher distributes kindergarten bus schedules to the families prior to the first day of school.

You can learn more about transportation here. Access to Children First - A Curriculum Guide for Kindergarten published by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education is available online.​