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Regina Catholic School Division
Student Registration
​​Click Here​ for the School Locator and find the school nearest to you.

 The Regina Catholic School Division accepts registration applications directly at each school site. Please contact the school principal to register your child. For specific enrollment information please select a registration area from the menu to the left. Any child with intensive needs must first be referred to our Student Services Coordinator. Please contact the Catholic Education Centre at 306-791-7200 to set up an appointment.

Tax Designation
​Each registered property owner must complete and sign an individual "Notification of Change and School Tax Declaration" form in order to direct the education portion of your property taxes to the public or separate school division. Property owners, who have purchased another property, should complete a "Notification of Change and School Tax Declaration" form. If school support is not indicated on such a form, it will automatically be designated to the public system. The "Notification of Change and School Tax Declaration" form is available from your school principal, the Assessment Officer at the Education Center or from the City Assessor's Office, City of Regina.