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Regina Catholic School Division
Student Learning
Currently Closed.   Continually Learning.   Constantly Praying.

The number one resource we have to offer for your child’s learning is our staff. Our dedicated school-based and division staff members have the expertise and enthusiasm for delivering the best options for our students. Teachers will assign work for their students on a regular basis. Teachers know their students. They know what material the students have already learned, which areas they still need to explore, and which students might need some help to be successful.

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Beyond what is offered by teachers, we have a list of other resources which may be of interest to you and your child. Please access as needed, and have fun with these apps and sites. Grade categories are broken down on the left side of this page as well as some other information we hope is useful.

Remember, our teachers can’t be replaced by websites and iphone apps. During this pandemic, our job is to provide resources so you can give your children a chance to learn more and improve. Parents and guardians are a child's first teachers, and play an important role. We know it’s not possible for everyone to deliver provincial curriculum at home. Please enjoy watching your children learn something new, master a technique, and explore a subject they’ve always wanted to know more about. Read with them. Pray with them. See them through the eyes of their teachers. Remember that success looks different for everyone. Enjoy this taste of the joy teachers experience every day.