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Regina Catholic School Division
Weekly Prayer

Prayer for Monday, November 25th, 2019


Leader:          (Invite persons present to pause for a few moments of silent recollection and to offer any special intentions.)


                      In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. 

                      Well yesterday we came to the end of two things - the CFL season and the  the Church Year.  The CFL season ends with the Grey Cup and the Church Year ends with the Feast of Christ the King.  So what do these two events have in common? First, they are both about endings.  Second, they both can be a little sad. The end of the CFL season can be sad if the right team doesn't win the Grey Cup-meaning the Riders of course.  The Feast of Christ the King can be sad bccause of its readings which are usually quite dark and talk about the end of the world. 


                      However, just as we shouldn't be sad that the Riders didn't make the Grey Cup as there is always next year, we also shouldn't be sad because of the Feast of Christ the King as a new Church year starts next Sunday. The new Church year begins with the First Sunday of Advent-the four week season in which we prepare for the birth of Jesus.  It is good that Advent follows the Feast of Christ the King because it reminds us that sadness is always followed by joy.  Advent also reminds us that whatever joy we experience here on earth, it doesn't compare to the joy we will experience in heaven.  You see Advent is the time we are supposed to prepare for Christmas-Jesus' first coming-and his second coming-when he will take us all to be with him forever in heaven.  Now I know its hard to imagine anything more joyful than the Riders winning the Grey Cup but trust me, life with Jesus forever in heaven will be even more joyful.


                      So how should we prepare ourselves for Jesus' two comings?  Well, yesterday's gospel reading gives us a big hint.  It talks about Jesus' crucifixion and the two men who were crucified next to him.  One mocked Jesus, while the other stood up for Jesus and asked that Jesus remember him when Jesus came into his kingdom.  We too are called to stand up for Jesus in our daily lives in both our words and actions. This week let us think about ways we can prepare ourselves for Jesus' two comings?  Let us pray.


  Leader:         Loving God,

                      We thank you for the Church year that is ending and the new one that will soon begin.  As we enter the wonderful season of Advent, may we be ready for your two comings by standing up for you in both our words and actions. We make our prayer in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. 


All:                Amen.