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Regina Catholic School Division
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RCSD Creating Virus Reduction Strategies

July 29, 2020

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Since June, RCSD has been preparing for the return to school.

We surveyed staff and families and spoke with employee groups about their experiences from March until the end of the school year. This helped as we considered what a return to school would look like for RCSD.

We submitted our draft plan to the province's Response Planning Team (RPT), then began preliminary work based on the draft plan. Preliminary work included consulting with infectious disease specialists, sourcing supplies, and anticipating costs.

Our draft has been returned. The RPT asked for some additions, though no major changes are needed. We will make the recommended additions, and resubmit to the RPT.

We continue to work on mitigation strategies to reduce the transmission of the COVID-19 virus. That work involves:

    • Cleaning products and protocols
    • Site considerations – traffic flow, signage, barriers, hand hygiene stations, etc.
    • Operational Considerations - site specific
    • Transportation
    • Specialty programs and personnel – intensive needs students, specialized instructional staff and support staff
    • Specialty courses – Fine Arts, PAA, Band, Choral, Phys-ed
    • Extracurricular Activities
    • Procurement of cleaning products and PPE as per Canada Health guidelines
    • Education and training for all staff
    • Education and training for parents and students

As well, we are creating a Mental Health Support Strategy and a Division Communication Plan.

Actualization of our Return to School Plan will begin with sharing the plan with all stakeholders in early August. We will begin educating and training staff. Prior to the first days back at school, we will share information with families including videos, FAQ, and plans to show the school to students before they return.