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Learning Online PLUS

February 16, 2018

 Learning Online PLUS

Learning Online courses are asynchronous online courses.  This means that students are able to work through classes at their own pace and have flexibility as to where and when they work on course material.  Students are not required to log into the course at a specific time.  All course work is completed on the computer .

Learning Online PLUS allows students the flexibility to earn high school credits and participate in high level training and competition, while staying connected to their Regina Catholic High School.


​Benefits of Learning Online PLUS

· Learning Online PLUS will work with RCSD high schools to create a schedule of combined Learning Online and face-to-face courses, providing flexibility to train while meeting academic goals.

· Learning Online's asynchronous courses allow students in high performance activities the freedom to work on courses where and when it fits into a training and competition schedule.

· Learning Online PLUS' connection to RCSD high schools keeps student athletes connected to their high school community while pursuing athletic and academic goals.

· All 24 graduation required courses​ can be completed through Learning Online PLUS.

· Online summer courses​ are available to support students in earning credits.  This will help them to earn more than the minimum required 24 credits; supporting future post-secondary goals. 

· French Immersion classes are available to support a student in earning their French Immersion Designation.

· Learning Online PLUS can accommodate the goal to graduate and allow students to pursue athletic or other high performance/elite activities that involve intense schedules and significant demands on time.   

​Wellness 10 Credit

High Performance Athletes who take Wellness 10 through Learning Online PLUS will be able to incorporate their training activities into the Fitness Module of the Wellness 10 Online course.

​Registration Process

Students in grade 9 to​ 12 are eligible to register for online courses with Learning Online PLUS.

Studenta will work with their high school administration and guidance counselors to register for online classes and create a schedule that supports education and training.

Out of Division Students

Students who do not attend a Regina Catholic High School are eligible to take classes with Learning Online PLUS.  There is a $500/course tuition for students attending school in another school division.  Contact for more registration details.

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