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Sask Power Outage

December 06, 2018
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Dear Parents/Guardians,
Now that the lights are back on, we want to take a moment to thank our Regina Catholic Schools Family for the patience shared during the massive power outage on Tuesday, December 4. We were in a unique situation without many of the tools we typically use to communicate with families.

When the power went out, one of our schools in the dark was Miller Comprehensive Catholic High School. We house our internet server at Miller, and it didn’t take long before our server was as dark as some of our schools. With the server down, our communication options became limited. We couldn’t update our website. Our messaging service couldn’t access the data base that holds all your email addresses. The phone lines weren’t working in some schools. 

So we did what the kids do today and turned to social media. Via Twitter, we were able to share information. We called tv and radio stations with regular updates which were passed along to viewers and listeners. Our teachers updated families with apps such as Class Dojo, See Saw and Remind. School administration called families directly. Parents called one another.

We learned a lot that day. While not every step was perfect, every student and every staff member was safe. We were all warm, even if we needed a jacket. And best of all, we all had power again by the evening.

Thank you for being flexible and understanding while most of us were in the dark. We continue to take steps to ensure we are prepared for any eventuality, always keeping the safety of staff and students our number one priority. Moving forward, we encourage you to bookmark our twitter feed to be prepared should anything similar happen again. You can find us on Twitter as @RCSD_No81. The link is

Our theme is, “Let Your Light Shine,” which makes us smile as we remember Tuesday, December 4, 2018.
The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it. John 1:5
Regina Catholic Schools