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Archbishop M.C. O'Neill Catholic High School

Attendance Practice

The Education Act states that it is the responsibility of every student to attend regularly and punctually. With this in mind, our System continues with the current attendance practice in all 4 high schools (specific information is available in on-line at (

Regina Catholic Schools Attendance Practice

Students attending any one of our four high schools must keep in mind the following:

  1. Students must attend a minimum of 85% of classes. 15 missed classes – excused or unexcused – in any class results in being dismissed from the class.
  2. Students must be punctual for a minimum of 85% of classes. 15 tardy classes – excused or unexcused – in any class results in being dismissed from the class.
  3. Absences and tardiness will be carried forward if students transfer to another school in our school division within a semester.
  4. Students failing classes or dismissed from classes will not have an option of repeating the classes in semester two of that academic year.

Extenuating circumstances – Students who are absent in 15 classes who have special circumstances can apply for an exemption. For absences that are planned this must occur in advance of the event. In unforeseen circumstance, appeals must be applied for within 3 school days of the 15th absence.


In the event that a student must be absent from one or more classes, the parent/guardian is to provide verification of the absence(s) by:

  1. telephoning the school at 306-791-7240 (preferably by 8:30 a.m.) the morning of the absence(s);
  2. e-mailing the school at; or dialing 306-791-7240 after hours and leaving a message on the answering machine.
  3. dialing 306-791-7240 after hours and leaving a message on the answering machine.

Note – Students absent from scheduled tests/exams who have their absence verified (in the majority of classes, a written note from a parent/guardian must be provided) will have the opportunity to reschedule the test/exam.


  • Students are expected to be in their desks ready to receive instruction prior to the ringing of the bell to begin class.  Late students report directly to class.
  • If students arrive more than 30 minutes late, they are to be sent directly to the office at which time the late may be deemed as an absence.

Consequences will be implemented for repetitive lates.
Early Leaves

Students who wish to be excused from the school during the day must obtain an Early Leave Dismissal Slip from the office prior to the class in question and present it to the appropriate teacher. 

A student who is ill must report to the office in order for parents to be contacted before the student is allowed to go home.
Extended Leaves from School

Families should be utilizing the holiday times scheduled each year for any travel or holiday being considered.  Such holiday travel should not be taken around or during the days established for Course Finalization Days (CFDs)/final exams.  Written requests for permission to have students leave the school for extended periods of time should only occur in consultation with O'Neill's administration prior to booking. Should permission be granted, students are responsible for accessing their homework or course expectations using the Home Logic/Student Logic access or by obtaining supports from other students.

Attendance Reports

Regular attendance reports are available on HomeLogic and are available at the office upon request.​