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Archbishop M.C. O'Neill Catholic High School
​O'Neill Catholic High School CSCC

​The Archbishop M.C. O'Neill Catolic High School CSCC will  work for the benefit of the students and families of our school.  The aim of the council is to facilitate continuing communication and promote mutual understanding between the school and community.  Support for the school initiatives and programs are important foci for the Archbishop M.C. O'Neill Catholic High School CSCC.  

Please contact any member of the CSCC Executive to request information and to join the council.  

Please click here​ to refer to Calendar of Events for upcoming meeting dates.

EXECUTIVE 2017 - 2018

Chair                         ​             Darlene Simic -

Vice-Chair                          Chris Elsner -

Treasurer                            Jeanette Petryna -

Secretary                            Vacant

Directors                             Audrey Cruzat -

                                                   Nicole Jaster -  

                                                   Jennifer Kobylansky -

                                                   Gina Marie Root - 

                                                   Melodie Wark -

Commuity Member      Marci Brisbourne - (306) 545-4642

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