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Archbishop M.C. O'Neill Catholic High School

O'Neill Grade 12 Scholarship/Award Process

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Staff Nominated Grad Awards

Staff nominate graduating students for the following awards that have monetary value and are presented at graduation:

  • Jason Pearson Memorial Award
  • Catholic Leadership Award (Board sponsored)
  • Staff Centennial Award
  • RCSTA School Spirit Award
  • Brenda Rensby Award

​​Staff are given the criteria for each award and asked to nominate students.  Students are then vetted by members of the grad committee to ensure the criteria is met.

An anonymous online vote is put together for staff to complete.

Votes are tallied and the winners of each award aqre announced at graduation.

Grad Awards with Student Application Process

The following awards with monetary value that students apply for and are presented at grad:

  • Sask Youth Apprenticeship Award
  • Campion Future Scholar Award

These two awards are advertised through the announcements and grade 12 Remind.

Students who meet the criteria are encouraged to apply.  Applications are reviewed and voted on by the staff grad committee.

Major Out of School Scholarships

When there are out of school scholarships that require a school nomination the following process applies:

  • Interested students are invited to submit their names to Student Services with an activity resume and cover letter at least one week prior to the nomination/submission deadline.
  • Student Services team will print transcripts to verify marks and all criteria is met.
  • O'Neill's leadership team will meet to select the student for school nomination.

Activity Resume.pdf

Scholarships/Bursaries & Funding Opportunities

Did you know there are hundreds of scholarships, bursaries and ​funding opportunites that could help pay for your education? Many scholarships are based on academic achievement. However, numerous scholarships and bursaries are awarded for athletic involvement, leadership​, community service or financial need.​ The following links are meant to be a starting point for your search but are not comprehensive lists of all of the funding available. 




Activity Resume (Example)