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Deshaye Catholic School
Principal's Greeting

​​Principal's Message:

"Deshaye Catholic School is dedicated to providing a Catholic education that fosters academic excellence and the development of informed, responsible citizens."

Dear Deshaye Catholic School Family,

We extend a warm welcome to all new families joining us at Deshaye Catholic School. We are a kindergarten to grade 8 school whose staff members and community are committed to working very hard to provide our students with a quality, faith-based school experience for all students.  Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!

            I am excited to be a part of the Deshaye Catholic School Community as your newly appointed school-based administrator.  I have been a principal in the division for several years, and I had the pleasure of teaching at Deshaye Catholic School twenty years ago!  It feels like I am coming home.  Deshaye Catholic continues to be known as a school that fosters love and celebrates diversity just as it did two decades ago.

This year will be full of many exciting adventures as our students grow and achieve greater learning in mind, faith and body.  Our staff are anxious to begin the school year and are excited to get to know your children and you, their families!  We encourage you to get involved in your child's education and to make our school an extension of your home. The partnership between staff and families will strengthen your children's learning.

Once again, our division theme for the 2018-2019 school year is "Let Your Light Shine".  As a faith community, we are privileged to see the students and staff in our school shine brightly every day.  We encourage them to use the diverse talents and gifts bestowed upon them to "shine: in our school, parish, community, and within our world.  We will continue to use our school parish, Christ the King, as a place to connect with the broader community and to practice our servant leadership.  Our partnership with our parish is strong and our Catholic School Community Council (CSCC) works closely with our staff to support school priorities and needs  as well.  The Deshaye CSCC welcomes new members to join!  Come join us on September 6th at our Meet the Staff and CSCC night to hear more about this wonderful partnership.

Ultimately, as we work in partnership with our Deshaye Catholic families, we will watch the students of our school flourish!  When we work together, and with God's grace, anything is possible!

God Bless!

Rolande Burant-Maher​