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Deshaye Catholic School
Principal's Greeting

​Principal's Message

The 2017 – 2018 school year has flown by. It has been a year full of learning, leadership, and love. We have seen so much development in our students during this past year. We are so proud of the responsibility and respect these young people show every day.

June is always a busy month for students and staff. Teachers will continue to engage students in their own learning and also finish up year-end assessments. These assessments give us another tool to see the growth students have achieved this year. We also use the data to plan for next year and guide classroom instruction. Staff have many fun and educational curricular activities planned to celebrate the success the students have had this year.

We encourage our families to stay engaged in their children's learning over the summer. Doing Mathletics and RazKids at home and reading together is an excellent way to be a part of your children's progress. This is even more important over the summer months, as some students experience the "summer slide". June is a very busy time of year, so please stay up-to-date with the activities that are happening in the school and in your children's classroom.

While all of this is taking place, many of us will be carefully preparing for next year. Pre-k and kindergarten registrations, staffing adjustments, classroom placements, fall calendars, supply lists, and facility upgrades all take place in order to have a solid start to next year.

There is a definite family atmosphere in our building. The way in which we welcome our families, students, and staff encompasses the very being of our patron saint, St. Mother Teresa. We are blessed to have a supportive CSCC who takes the time to ensure that what they are doing is always in the best interests of our students. Our staff work tirelessly for our kids and families. We are so fortunate to have these caring and compassionate individuals as part of our Deshaye team. While we will miss any staff members and students who are moving on to other buildings, we know that Deshaye will continue to be a wonderful place to learn, lead, and grow. Thank you to all staff who have dedicated their time and talents to the students of Deshaye.

We imagine this last month will be quite the rollercoaster ride – fast, fun, exhilarating, and a little scary. When June is over, despite the exhaustion, we believe everyone will choose to do it all over again. Hang on for the ride – here we go!​

                                                                                                Mrs. S. Gherasim