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Deshaye Catholic School
Principal's Greeting

Principal's Message

‚ÄčAlleluia! Christ is Risen! Happy Easter, everyone! As a Catholic community, we were blessed to have time to celebrate the Triduum and the Easter season during the break. We hope you took time to spend with your families and friends and to praise the Lord, and thank him for all he has given us.

            Lent was a season of reflection and goal-setting for the students and staff at Deshaye. This has been a focus for us spiritually, physically, and academically. Students gave of themselves in various ways during Lent - through almsgiving, prayer, and fasting. We collected donations for the Holy Childhood Association through our Penny Wars fundraiser. Thank you to all for your generous donations. We hosted Student-Involved Conferences and Celebrations of Learning. This allowed students to share their learning from term two and their goals for term three.

            Upon returning from our Easter break on April 9, we get right into things with continued focus on improving achievement in both academics and healthy living. Teachers are working hard to ensure that students are meeting outcomes and are prepared for the year-end summative assessments. We also have committed staff members who have volunteered to lead the students in Badminton and Track & Field. We are very blessed to have both staff and students to model the importance of healthy lifestyles and staying active.

            We have seen much growth this year at Deshaye Catholic School. We thank you for your continued support and the communication that allows students to excel and be successful at school. We hope that the students have had a wonderful rest and are recharged and ready for all of the opportunities that are available to them after the break. Let's continue to celebrate the life God has given us during this Easter season!

                                                                                                Mrs. S. Gherasim