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Deshaye Catholic School
Principal's Greeting

Greetings from Ms. Burant-Maher

"In all created things discern the providence and wisdom of God, and in all things give Him thanks."

​​- St. Teresa of Avila

Welcome to fall and to the month of October.  We associate both of these things with Thanksgiving.  This is a time for families and friends to gather together, to feast and to enjoy being with one another. The day is also be a meaningful time to reflect on our blessings and remember how God has been faithful in our lives. 

Thanksgiving allows me to reflect on the many gifts I have in my personal life and as principal of this amazing school.  I thank God for the beautiful children we serve at Deshaye Catholic and for their remarkable parents and guardians who work with us and who trust us as we teach these amazing children.  I am thankful for hard-working, dedicated staff who always put "kids first" and who work tirelessly to meet the many needs of our students.  I am thankful for our division supports including our Senior Administration, Education Services and Student Services personnel, as well as our Transportation, Facilities and Technology personnel who are committed to serving our students.  And lastly, I am thankful for our broader community including Christ the King Parish, our CSCC, and our many community volunteers who help to serve the children of Deshaye Catholic School!

Leading up to Thanksgiving we will be participating in various faith-filled activities that provide us the opportunity to share our gratitude and joy for all our blessings.  Many families have special traditions which show gratitude to God and for each other. These traditions have been added to their Thanksgiving celebrations or gatherings.  As families of Deshaye Catholic School, you may want to incorporate them into your October as well!​

Start a Family Journal.  Each year your list of things you are grateful for could be added to the same hardcover book.  This encourages you and your children to reflect on the year and the many joys it has brought you.  Sometimes it is hard to see the joy but when we look back at past year's entries, we see how wondrous our lives are, and all that we have done.

Participate in a Service Project.  Incorporate a service project such as delivering food in a food drive or working at a charity/church to provide service to others such as serving a meal to those in need.

Create a Gratitude Jar.  Throughout the year, any time you are thankful for a simple task, gesture or moment when a family member was life-giving, write it down on a small piece of paper and tuck it in a mason jar.  On Thanksgiving, open the jar and have everyone read the various entries!

Rolande Burant-Maher