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Deshaye Catholic School
Literacy Events



Orientation : Thursday Sept 5, Friday Sept 6, Mon Sept 7.  book with Mrs. Patterson 

First Reading Night of the year October 22rd 6:30-7:30  Happy Camper Themed Night!​

Tower of Books Kick Off assembly Monday Sept 11th   β€‹

Book Fair Nov 26-29th 

​ β€‹

12 Books of Christmas - December​ 3-17 β€‹12books.PNG

Get your daily reading in with your class, select one of the 12 mystery books, read it, blurb about it and recommend it on our tree... shhh! don't reveal the title!

Book Fair was a huge success! Thank you so muc​h for your support! Our school recieved a $1000 of books for our library!