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Deshaye Catholic School
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Winter Reminders

October 29, 2019


Welcome to Winter!

It appears that winter is here to stay!  Some of us were more prepared than others for the snow and cold weather.  On behalf of Deshaye staff we have a few reminders about winter and outdoor activities.

Dress for the Weather!

Our recesses and lunch break will be held outside unless, according to Environment Canada, the weather is -27° Celsius or below with a combined wind-chill and temperature.  Some of our learning activities may also be outside.  Beginning today, children should come to school with proper outdoor attire including a winter coat, ski pants, nylon or waterproof mittens, a toque and winter boots.  They are all expected to go outside according to our guidelines. 

Practice, Practice, Practice!

We encourage the parents of children in Grades Pre-K, K and 1/2 to help them practice putting on ski pants, zipping jackets, putting on mitts (AFTER boots!) so that your children can do this independently at school.  Ask them to tell you the steps they are following at school.  Please make sure ski pants fit comfortably over your children's school clothes so they are able to pull them on by themselves. Send an extra pair of mittens please if you are sending the stretchy ones as they get very wet!

If you have not been able to purchase suitable clothing and boots to date, we will lend your child something for the day/week.  Thank you to our great students who return these items as soon as they can.  We do have a few extra gently used or new snowsuits, jackets or boots for families who need them.  Please connect with Mrs. Burant-Maher if you know of a child who might benefit from this.

Stay Off The Ice!

Our caretaker has put out sand at the entrances to the school to help keep the students, staff and guests stay safe.  We have reminded the students to walk in to the school and to be aware that there are still icy spots under the snow.  Our students are reminded to play safe, to avoid rough play at all times, especially during the icy, winter months.  Please reinforce this at home with your child.

Stay warm and let's have fun!

Ms. Burant-Maher